Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

This Wapo timeline sheds a lot of light on the bogus Seth Rich story. You can find out everything you need to know about it elsewhere, e.g. this CNN piece, but basically FoxNews made up a story which they later “retracted” that a DNC worker named Seth Rich was actually the one to give Wikileaks stolen DNC emails, not the Russians, and that he was murdered in retribution for this. Maybe Hillary ordered the hit? Who knows.

Sean Hannity, arguably the most influential “newsman” in the country and regular dinner guest at the White House, was beating this drum for a long time.

The latest and most discouraging revelation about the whole thing is that Fox coordinated with the Trump White House and with Trump personally to put this lie out there.

Here the main points GOML takes away from it:

1. FoxNews is not “news” at all. Not even a little. The idea that they are either “fair” or “balanced” is and always has been quite absurd.

2. FoxNews is the propaganda arm of the Republican party in general, and an extension of the White House Communications Office in particular. It performs these functions in a way that even its most “biased” liberal counterpart would never even aspire to. In this particular instance, it made up a hurtful and completely false narrative in order to obscure some actual, true news that would have reflected poorly on their partner/client/boss/benefactor/whatever. It worked directly with the POTUS, whose approval they sought for the story and who coordinated its release.

3. Cries of “fake news” from your president are not just damaging to the journalistic profession (such as it is these days), but are also a misdirection away from actual made-up news, and a cynical de-valuing of both “truth” and “facts”.

In this particular case, charges of “fake news” against others are accompanied by the actual creation of lies which purposely, recklessly and unscrupulously defame an innocent man who was tragically murdered, and assure that justice will be harder for his survivors to obtain. Those survivors must now concern themselves not only with justice, but also vindication.

4. The leader of the free world is happy to randomly accuse, without any reason or evidence, a completely innocent person of releasing stolen DNC emails to Wikileaks, so that he can deflect attention away from the actual perpetrators, a foreign regime historically hostile to our interests and values that he admires and cultivates, apparently for personal gain.

5. A “news” outlet which is trusted by millions of people, and which is the primary influence on the way they exercise their franchise, is not simply “biased”, but hateful, anti-democratic, and yes, evil.


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