Tweety vows revenge

OK, it’s getting a little scarier now.

Your president is bigly honked off about his most recent abject failure, i.e. to deliver on the inane, empty, foolish promise (i.e. “lie”) he blathered on the campaign trail: “You’re going to have such great healthcare at a tiny fraction of the cost, and it’s going to be so easy”, he confidently told adoring acolytes at an October rally in Florida. “It begins with immediately repealing and replacing the disaster known as Obamacare”.

Wow. “Tiny fraction”?  Count me in. The Dealmaker in Chief will probably pull this off before breakfast on January 21.

By now, I’m sure you’ve all seen Tweety saying that Republicans aren’t going to own this and he’s not going to own it, and we’ll let Obamacare fail and then the Democrats will come to “us” asking how to fix it.

Is there any point in reminding him that he’s president of all of us now? That the “us” vs. “them” dynamic of the campaign is no longer in effect? That actively wishing for tens of millions of Americans to lose their health insurance doesn’t make him look “presidential”? It actually makes him look like a jackass.

According to this FNYT piece, entitled “Trump vows Revenge”, Tweety has the power to do more than just wish for the failure of the A.C.A. He can actively work towards it by refusing payments to insurers, failing to enforce the individual mandate, and continuing to speak publicly about how he wants the A.C.A. to fail.

Maybe he should take a second to read the fake news. No, wait. He’s not going to actually read anything. Let me try that again: maybe he should take a second to have someone read to him a thought from today’s Washington Post: Why can’t the Senate repeal Obamacare? Because its policies are actually popular.

But, Tweety prefers the Russian approach, enunciated so well at Stalingrad in the infamous Order 227: Ni shagu nazad. Not one step back. It cost them hundreds of thousands of lives there – as any commander who dared make a strategic retreat in order to fight more effectively another day was subjected to a military tribunal (or simply shot).  But, in the end, they prevailed.

Mitch McConnell will now go to Plan C, which we might as well refer to as “Ni shagu nazad”:  to force a vote in the Senate to simply repeal the A.C.A. with no replacement. It is understood in advance that such a vote will fail, but McConnell wants his troops to be on the record as having voted to repeal or not, so that they will have to explain themselves to a tribunal of their constituents back home, which will be held at the polling place in 2018.

It really wouldn’t be that hard to do for an honest person. All they’d have to do is say something like, “We Republicans promised you something that we shouldn’t have. We told you the A.C.A. was a job-killer. It wasn’t. We told you there would be “death panels”. There weren’t. We told you we had a better idea. We didn’t.”

We’ll now see how many of them are actually honest.

Or, they could just go home and simply say: “We repealed Obama, but we’re going to keep the care. Win Win”. That should satisfy the “Lock her up” crowd.




One thought on “Tweety vows revenge”

  1. I think that it ultimately may have been General Winter that beat the bastards not just the 20 odd million (!) dead. But I take your point. I think McConnell, that great humanitarian, just wants this thing gone. And he hopes its a distant memory in Nov ’18.


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