Fox and Chicken conclude secret talks

A meeting of the Fox and the Chicken took place yesterday in Hamburg, resulting in a historic agreement being reached on the future protection of the Henhouse.


The meeting was unprecedented in that there were only four attendees, no notes were kept, and no media was present to record what was said. Only the Chicken has reported on the outcome so far, characterizing the meeting as “tremendous”, saying it had been an honor to meet with the Fox, and boasting that he made the Fox swear that he had never and would never enter the Henhouse for any reason.


Talk radio stations and other “conservative” media heralded the event, noting that the Chicken was an extremely experienced negotiator who had a long history of always getting better “deals” than anyone else, and pointing out that the Fox had been a much more dependable ally of Chickens in general, and of the Henhouse in particular, than any “liberal” had ever been.

In return for assurances of the future security of the Henhouse, the Chicken agreed that all eggs produced therein would be licensed in perpetuity to the Fox.

The Fox has been an admirer of the Chicken for years, affectionately referring to him as “Tweety”, and has been quoted as saying the Chicken was the most handsome, talented, intelligent, and skilled partner he has ever had.






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