Tweetin’ Donny is president and they’re not

That’s basically the President’s only platform and message. You could sum it all up in two words: “Nyah nyah”.

He doesn’t know what’s in the Republican Health Care bill or care. He doesn’t know much of anything except “I won!”.

He thinks the presidency has two purposes only:

  1. to punish those that dare to defy or criticize him in any way. He takes the “bully” part of “bully pulpit” literally, and
  2. to enrich himself. No wonder he admires Putin so much.

At this point, the blame is squarely on FoxNews and the Republicans in Congress who keep pretending this is all normal, and in any way good for our country.

They have no reason not to push back now. FoxNews is in a ratings decline, now trailing CNN and MSNBC, and the congressman’s fear of losing to the riled up voters of Trump’s “base” should be diminished as even the low-information voters are tiring of Tweetin’ Donny’s antics.

It can’t go on this way.


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