Repeal and Replace

For seven years, Republicans have been howling about Obamacare. They’ve never stopped suing, appealing, and trying to weaken and overturn it for one second during that time. In all that time, they’ve never offered a better plan.

They’ve said it’s a job-killer, that it raises healthcare premiums, that it puts the government between you and your doctor. They’ve said it means you’ll have to stand before death-panels of government bureaucrats who will determine if you live or die. And worst of all, it has the name “Obama” right in it!

Meanwhile, tens of millions of people have health insurance with Obamacare that didn’t have it before.

It was only after the election that gave them control of both houses of congress and the presidency, that the Republicans added “Replace” to their promise to “Repeal”. Before that, it was just get rid of the A.C.A. and let the devil take the hindmost. And it was easier to stand on the sidelines and criticize than attempt to provide something useful to the American people, especially since the health care coverage of congress-people was assured in any case.

When they finally got the power to “Repeal” Obamacare, they realized they’d better come up with something to “Replace” it with after all. Otherwise their hypocrisy and blind obstructionism would be revealed for what it was.

What’s the biggest problem Republicans have claimed to have with Obamacare? The “Individual Mandate”, meaning it forces people to buy health insurance whether they want to or not. This was bad, because, you know, Freedom!

I’m going to leave aside the argument that the health of any individual affects the health of all. You may have the “freedom” to reject vaccines for contagious disease, but when you raise your own chance of getting them, you raise mine, too. And if you go uninsured to the Emergency Room for your care, well, you’re costing all of us anyway.

For the moment, I’ll just stay on the “evil” of asking you to pay for something you think you don’t need. In fact there are similar mandates all over the place that everyone accepts without complaint. It’s all part of a little thing we like to call “society”.

You can’t buy a car without buying car insurance. You have to pay into the Social Security system whether you want to or not. Your income tax is a “mandate”, forcing you to support all manner of things you object to, from military adventurism to plush benefits for those in congress, including a health care program better than any you’ll ever have. You have to pay property or other taxes to pay for schools whether you have kids or not, and a fire department even if you never have a fire. This list goes on and on – life is absolutely chock-a-block with Individual Mandates.

Republicans know full well that their objection to the “Individual Mandate” is a red herring, What they actually object to is any government program that supports people other than their own greedy selves.

Obamacare is paid for with a 3.8% tax surcharge on individual income over $125,000, thereby creating the dreaded “transferring of wealth”. Call me a communist, but it wouldn’t kill them to transfer a little wealth back to the have-nots after decades of the actual transfer going their way – creating the greatest disparity between rich and poor we’ve ever had and decimating the ranks of what used to be known as the “middle class”.

The problem now is that any effort to “Replace” will have the same effect. And, of course, there’s also the problem that their constituents don’t want to lose health coverage and don’t really want to see others lose it either.

So why insist on this pointless cruelty, when even the man-baby called their ideas “mean”?

Finally we come to the bottom of it all. The reason they keep going with this craziness is that they’ll lose their jobs if they don’t continue with their absurd crusade. The Kochs will see to it. 

Do you think Nancy Pelosi or Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama is the cause of all the problems we have in this country? Think again.



One thought on “Repeal and Replace”

  1. Not only do you have to have insurance to have a car, but you have to be (*gasp*) tested and licensed to operate it! Guns, on the other hand…


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