Health care for Grizzlies

Everyone knows the Trumps are the real conservationists, not like those phony climate science hoaxers.  That’s why they need to shoot the last few large wild animals we have left. You know, to protect them.

But, really, why should these young heroes have to travel all over the globe to find big animals to assassinate, when there are still a few left alive right here in the good ole U. S. of A.?


Well, we have some good news for you today. Very soon, they’ll be able to roll up on one of the few Grizzly bears left around Yellowstone and blow its brains out with a high-powered weapon from a safe distance, possibly from the comfort of a Humvee.


All this will be possible because the Trump administration is removing the Grizzly from the Endangered Species list after 42 years. In that time, the population of Grizzlies has managed to recover from the last 150 left alive to a whopping 700 now, and the man-baby and his pals figure that’s plenty. Who needs ’em? Do they vote?

Here’s some background about the joyous changes.

Here’s a clip of young Donnie checking out the latest in silencers. Definitely a necessary add-on.

Well, at least it will be a fair fight, not like what happened to Maxine, who was just sleeping when she was executed.



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