Trump now more popular than Obama!

It’s the weekend and Trump just woke up. You know what that means, kids – right? It’s crazy-tweet time!

So at about 7:00 A.M. today, the man-baby started tweeting about accomplishing all those fantastic accomplishments he’s already accomplished – more than anyone else ever has. It’s historic! And it’s all happened “despite the distraction of the witch hunt.”

And, best of all, his popularity is now higher than Obama’s!

trump tweet

Except, of course, that it isn’t true.   After the same amount of time as President, on June 18th 2009, President Obama had an average approval rating of 59.8. This is 9.8% higher than Trump’s Rasmussen approval, and 19.8% higher than Trump’s overall average approval rating this week.

But the story here isn’t Trump’s crazy-tweets or his tenuous connection to the world of facts, much less “truth”. No one takes seriously anything the President of the United States says or tweets anymore. Everyone has already accepted that and moved on.

The real story here is that our President is obsessed with his poll numbers, and with Barack Obama, to the point where doing the actual work of governing has been pushed aside. There’s just no time for it. Making up stuff to brag about and watching TV to see how you’re doing is a full-time job.


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