Trump “charity”

CNN is really milking this Comey testimony thing. For days, they’ve had a permanent “countdown” displaying how many seconds are left before the Big Show.  Ratings! Revenue! Spectacle!


It’s pretty pathetic. I’m going to risk my reputation as the present-day Nostradamus and predict that when we finally hear what Comey has to say, it will be absolutely nothing you don’t already know. Yes, the “news” outlets will go crazy all day tomorrow and for a few days after, assuming the man-baby doesn’t come up with some huge distraction, wilder even than “tapped my wires”. But, as for Comey,  there’s no there there.

First of all, Comey’s primary concern is his reputation for being incorruptible, non-partisan, fair,  and, above all, not vindictive. This requires him to make no overtly anti-Trump statements or statements that could be deemed to be self-serving in refuting what the man-baby has spammed us with for weeks, even including the made-up exculpatory verbiage in the termination letter he sent to Comey. Remember that stuff about having assured Trump on three occasions that he wasn’t under investigation?

Second, we already know Comey’s version of events from various other sources. And it’s a highly believable, even obvious, account. Trump tried to influence him to drop the Flynn/Russia investigation, thereby committing the crime of Obstruction of Justice, an impeachable offense. Shocker.

And last, his testimony can never live up to the absurd advance hype it’s getting, no matter what. Maybe it won’t be as disappointing and deflating as Rachel Maddow’s “We’ve got Trump’s tax forms, tune in at 10:00” debacle, but I can promise you it won’t be worth the wait. Stop licking your chops. You’re going to remain hungry after this feast.

But this doesn’t mean there isn’t a little red meat for you in today’s news to keep you satisfied, at least until lunch. Let’s try this one from Forbes: How Donald trump Shifted Kids-Cancer Charity Money Into His Business.

The ABC News version says:

According to IRS filings, the Eric Trump Foundation in 2012 spent $59,085 on its annual Golf Invitational fundraiser held at the Trump National Golf Club in Westchester County, New York — money that skimmed from donations to St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital. Those expenses ballooned to $230,080 in 2013 and to $242,294 in 2014, according to the filings. It is unclear from these tax forms how much of those payments went to the Trump Organization.

Forbes reported that in 2011, costs for Eric Trump’s golf tournament fundraiser tripled because his father realized that the organization had not been charging for the event and there were no bills to prove it. The Foundation declined to provide Forbes with an itemized list of expenses for the tournament.

Charity experts told Forbes that the amount paid to the Trump Organization for a golf tournament fundraiser for St. Jude’s “defy any reasonable cost.”

This, of course, is further proof of the value of seeing Trump’s tax returns, but I guess that ship has sailed. No one who understands this needs to see this new evidence, and anyone who does need to see it isn’t listening and doesn’t care.

It does remind me once more of what Michael Bloomberg, someone who certainly knows,  said about Trump: bloomberg

Trump is who he is. He wants and needs to stiff everyone. Even kids with cancer.


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