Mr. Trump’s Wild Ride

It had to happen.


Is there no one who can get Trump to stop tweeting? We’ve been asking this question since long before the election, and for a long time the answer has been quite clear. No, there is no one can who convince the man-baby that he would be much better off, and even enjoy higher approval ratings, if he could just control himself a little better. Not Hope Hicks, Kellyanne Conway, or Sean Spicer.  Not even Jared or Ivanka, those two phantoms who allegedly have the strongest influence on him.

But he just can’t do it. Saying that he’s “impulsive” doesn’t describe what we’re seeing here. It’s more like a schizophrenic toddler with Tourette’s.

It’s often been noted that his tweets are craziest when he’s alone. At night before bed or when he’s just woken up in the morning is the real danger zone. There’s no one around to stop him then. Maybe it would be different if his spouse lived with him. Who has a greater interest in keeping your foot out of your mouth and the power to do it? Remember the strong and effective influence exerted by  Rosalynn Carter or Nancy Reagan?  It wasn’t a bad thing.

Sooner or later, Trump was going to make an international joke out of himself (and, thereby, all the rest of us), with some completely incoherent or accidental tweet. Last night was the night.


Obviously, he hit “Send” before he meant to, probably while trying to correct what he’d written, but that’s exactly the point. He’s the President of the United States. Every word he says has the potential to move markets, dominate the international news, impact global alliances, or even start wars. He can’t be carelessly, accidentally, or even impulsively hitting “Send” any more than he can “Launch” or “Strike” or “Detonate” or whatever it actually says on that red button on the “nuclear football”.


And he didn’t delete it for hours, prompting speculation that maybe he’d had a medical episode of some sort.

Almost immediately, #COVFEFE was trending on social media and all kinds of great jokes and memes were speeding around the internet. Check some of them out here. Trump is an international laughingstock. Again.

Coincidentally, the talent pool for new hires is also running dry. No one wants to work for this guy. Would you? Not knowing whether what you say today will be contradicted or undermined tomorrow? Knowing for sure that you’ll be fired at some point? The number of people who are willing to sign up for Mr. Trump’s Wild Ride now is tiny, and few competent pros are among them. Trump only really trusts family members, and they’re already all on the payroll.

What a mess.


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