Angry Germans on the move

This article in the Washington Post yesterday describes Angela Merkel giving a speech in which she says that Europe “really must take our fate into our own hands.”  She’s the leader of the most powerful country in Europe and is saying that, based on Trump’s behavior and words on his recent trip, they can no longer rely on U.S. support, that those days were  “over to a certain extent. This is what I have experienced in the last few days.”

Trump managed to piss off the Germans and all the other members of NATO on this trip, as only he can do. Here at GOML, we have mixed emotions about all this.

Our first, visceral reaction is, “yeah, good idea – fight your own battles for a change”. But then I realized I was taking a baby step towards falling under the spell of the man-baby’s populist, history-averse, fact-free, bullying, Make-America-Great-Again, ignorant blathering.

Hang on, I thought, I’m looking at the leader of Germany advocating German strength to over a thousand closet übermenschen in a Munich beer hall, and getting a prolonged standing ovation. We’ve seen this picture before,  and should understand where it can lead.


Today’s German loves to think of himself as an environment-respecting, tolerant, pacifist and conscientious objector, or, if he’s of a certain age, a heroic member of The Resistance. But scratch the surface and add a couple of liters of Weizenbock, and you’ve got, well, the same old German we’ve all learned to admire so much over the years. For 70-some years, they’ve been keeping their heads down and channeling all their energy into building expensive cars and whatnot, but now the man-baby has them stirring again.

In the comment section of the WaPo piece, someone calling himself AngryGermans, starts by rightly pointing out that the Germans have promised to spend 2% of their GNP on NATO by 2024 and they are not in arrears, as Trump has bloviated (is there no one who can correct him on these things?), and so on. But he finally works himself up to:

Everyone in Germany hates the thought to have nuclear weapons. That said, i don’t think we would hesitate to build them if needed. Yeah and Germany won’t take years for it, like North Korea or Iran. We can do that in weeks.

To which someone who sounds suspiciously like Stewie Generis replies,

The proof that Trump is an idiot: he’s now got AngryGermans bragging that they can build nuclear weapons in weeks and their leader getting a standing ovation in a Munich beer hall for advocating German strength (sound familiar?). Angry Germans have shown themselves, repeatedly, to be the greatest threat to peace and sanity the world has ever seen. Thanks, President Crazypants. Wait till you get a load of what angry Germans will do to the rest of us as soon as their economy turns south.

Anyway, how does it serve our interests to undo decades of European/American diplomacy intended to keep the Russian bear out of Europe and the Germans under our military control?

It doesn’t. But you know whose interests it does serve? Wait for it…

I’ll give you a clue: his name begins with “P” and rhymes with shootin’.



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