“Not a big media press access person”

That’s how Rex Tillerson, your Secretary of State, describes himself.  He was explaining his decision not to allow a pool reporter to travel with him on his trip to Asia in March.

Tillerson claimed the decision not to allow more reporters had to do with a desire to save money, saying the plane “flies faster, allows me to be more efficient” with fewer people on it.

That’s just science – everyone knows that planes fly faster with fewer reporters on them.

True to form, Tillerson yesterday held a press conference in Riyadh that excluded the U.S. press. No worries, though – he later provided a transcript of  the questions and answers given to the Saudi press.

Saudi Foreign Minister Adel bin Ahmed Al-Jubeir, oversaw the process and stood alongside Tillerson throughout. He wanted to make sure that the free and independent press that Saudi Arabia is famous for had, you know, total discretion to ask and print what they want. I think that’s in the First Amendment to the Saudi Constitution, but I’ll have to double-check that.


Transparency. That’s what the Trump administration is all about.






2 thoughts on ““Not a big media press access person””

  1. This grotesque insanity is waaaay stranger than fiction. Pynchon couldn’t make this up. An American President and Secy of State exclude our press while they give away classified secrets to the leaders and press of any place else – enemies included. WTF!?!
    But, SG, you are making it very interesting and very funny to watch!


  2. The Trump camp’s exclusion of the free press is outrageous. Why should the American people support a presidency that conducts business in secret (giving preference to other governments!). Only a group of dopes would do that–rather a group of deplorables. When Hillary Clinton first used this term, I was horrified. I’ve come to learn the description is accurate. I hope the rest of us can push back somehow.


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