What’s the matter with Pueblo?

I read an article in the L.A. Times the other day about how Trump voters in Pueblo County, Colorado, are loving Trump’s first 100 days and all the accomplishments he has accomplished, because he accomplishes so much every day.

The point of the article was that Trump won there, although it has been a Democratic “stronghold” in the past, and that those who voted for him have no regerts. Er, I mean, no regrets.

A lot of it was the paper asking, “Well, what about how Trump said such-and-such during the campaign and is now saying the opposite?”, and the people answering, “What about it?”

In other words, there is nothing Trump can say or do that’s going to change anyone’s mind here.


Proud Trump supporter

One sentence fairly early in the piece pops out at me as the actual explanation for the whole Trump phenomenon:

In short, if all those people in Washington and places like Hollywood and New York are so riled up, Trump supporters suggest, that means he must be doing something right.

It’s just hard to know what to say in response. These people are saying they’d rather have no health care than see someone who is actually qualified in the White House if that person is a “liberal”. They’d rather have dirty air and water than listen to one more argument about someone in North Carolina who isn’t happy with the bathroom they’ve been using. They’d rather embrace anti-democratic “strongmen” around the world and alienate our historic allies than be “pushed around” and condescended to anymore.

One person says,  “What happened to the eight years Obama was in office? Promise, promise, promise, and the only change under Obama was that things got worse.” Someone else talks about how, since Trump’s election, business confidence has increased and the stock market has “soared”.

There is really no point in showing them anything like this. They just don’t care:


In other words, FoxNews is doing very well in Pueblo County.

I used to try to minimize the Fox effect in my own mind by thinking, “You can fool 47% of the people all the time and that’s a great business model – but it’s not enough to win an election”.

How wrong I was.

I used to think, OK, you’re tired of political correctness like a lot of people are, but how can you be taken in by this dishonest, unprincipled con-man?  It turns out that even Trump voters don’t believe a word he says, but they love to hear him say it.

Where is it all leading? How will it end? One thing is becoming clear to me: whatever disaster our toxic President Crazy-pants brings down on us, the people of Pueblo County and many other places in Trump Nation will regard it as a move in the right direction and a great accomplishment.



4 thoughts on “What’s the matter with Pueblo?”

  1. Hi. As a Denver, Colorado resident, I am offended by your title (not by the blog itself). Pueblo is NOT Colorado…it is Pueblo, Colorado. There are many in the state who are doing good work in the “resist!” category, and Trump did NOT win this state in the election. If you could change the title of your blog, it would be much appreciated. Or at least in the future be mindful of titling your blogs in a misleading way. Thanks.


    1. Done and done. I chose the original title as a call-back to that book “What’s the Matter with Kansas?” about working class people voting against their own self-interest. But you make a good point – Colorado went blue! Also, GOML doesn’t have enough readers that it can afford to alienate any!


  2. Excellent. Lots of attention is being focused on this element of the Trump phenomenon, but it’s worth remembering all the country club Republicans, mainstream church-goers and the like who voted for Trump and who should have known better. Will they abandon him?


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