What could possibly go wrong?

A  wax worm that eats plastic has been discovered. Could this lead to a way to solve the problem of plastic waste disposal?


That would be nice, as humans now produce 80 million tons of polyethylene every year.


We’re going to need a lot of wax worms.


Holes eaten by 10 wax worms in 30 minutes

Here’s a brief video in which a Spanish scientist explains the accidental discovery, and a link to her publication about it.

Once we figure out what to do when the world is overrun with the wax worms, we should be good to go.

Maybe robots will eat them? But not ones made of plastic? Don’t know yet.

In any case, I, for one, welcome our new wax worm overlords.


2 thoughts on “What could possibly go wrong?”

  1. waxworms are larvae of wax moths. that takes care of the worm problem, they’ll just fly away after their feast. then what. those robotic bees that C refers to. then what…


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