When pigs fly

Which of these photos says “President” to you, and which says “Pig”?


I’ve been doing my best to ignore Trump lately, but it’s not easy to do.

The Super Bowl champion N.E. Patriots had their White House visit and photo-op this week. It turned out to be the same day as their former Tight End, convicted murderer Aaron Hernandez, killed himself in jail. The simple juxtaposition of those two events should have been enough to make some sort of point about “Winners” and “Losers” sufficient to support the perpetually aggrieved man-baby on his favorite subject, winning. But it wasn’t.

When you’re a pig, you must wallow in mud no matter what the occasion.

The Failing New York Times published the team photo along with the previous one from the last Patriots victory visit two years ago (Winning!), which seemed to show that more Patriots visited when Obama was president than now. But it wasn’t true – the Trump version had the non-football staff seated on the lawn, while the Obama version had them joining the players on the stairs, so in fact there was no real “story” here.


OK, maybe someone needs to straighten that out, especially in the Twitter era, because you wouldn’t want fake news to be created out of nothing, would you? But that person should not be the President of the United States. It just shouldn’t. Leave it to the surrogates – it’s right up Kellyanne Conway’s alley, so let her do it. But no.

Today’s Twitter feed has this, which you may file under the heading “Sad Pig”:

I particularly liked the accomplishment of misplacing a “very powerful” armada on its way to the Korean peninsula. The Chinese laughed about it. The South Koreans didn’t think it was funny at all.

But his greatest accomplishment of all is just wearing everyone else down to the point of surrender. Resistance is futile.

It took a while, but “Obama tapped my wires” is gone! Just gone. It had a little bit more staying power than the previous record-holder, “Pussy-Grabbing”, but, in the end, outrageous as it was, the man-baby just ground everyone else down by repeating and extending the lies, moving the goalposts, claiming victory, deflecting, bullying, ignoring evidence, and attacking anyone who tried to shed any light on it. Winning!

And let’s not forget the total success of the whole “tapping” thing in the first place – getting Jeff Sessions lying to congress about meetings with Russians off the news. Hard to even remember that one. Not that anyone really cares about the Russians running our government – that one’s apparently gone as well.

And now we have that very same Sessions, the Attorney General of the United States, saying he doesn’t think a judge on an island in the pacific should over-rule Trump. Yup, the Attorney General thinks our court system and the separation of powers is pretty bogus.

But that “Mexican Judge” won’t ultimately get in the way of Trump’s Muslim Ban, because Our Man on the Supreme Court, Neil Gorsuch, will make it right.

Some of the man-baby’s as yet-unaccomplished accomplishments:


But these things will be “accomplished” very soon. In fact any one of them could be “accomplished” today, simply by having the man-baby tweet that it is “accomplished”. Who’s going to refute it? A congressional committee? The Attorney General? The Supreme Court?

When pigs fly.


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