Coffee is for closers

So it turns out the Dealmaker-in-chief can’t really close a deal after all. Surprise, surprise.

Yup, it turns out that months of publicly insulting and belittling the people whose support you need doesn’t really put them in the mood to buy what you’re selling. And, of course, it doesn’t help that nobody really wants what you’re selling to begin with.

Lost in the failure of the Republican effort to “repeal and replace” the Affordable Care Act is all the lying the man-baby did about the great health plan he was going to put forward. Everybody would be covered, you see, and it would be cheaper and better than what they have now. It was going to be “beautiful”. It was just about finished (this was a couple of months ago) and it only needed final touches and would be revealed “early next week”. But like everything Trump, it was all in his mind – there was never a plan at all! Why isn’t this the bigger story?!

The bill they tried to ram through was ginned up in a couple of days behind closed doors, while Trump was at the beach playing golf, by the same Republicans who, for the previous seven years, couldn’t agree on a plan.  What they came up with was just the usual tax breaks for the rich and cutting benefits for everyone else – eventually taking insurance away from 24 million  who now have it (and who are mostly Trump voters). Of course the silver lining to this bungled theft-in-healthcare’s-clothing plot is that some of those 24 million  might actually live a little longer.


All of this means nothing to Trump, who of course blamed the fiasco on everybody else, mainly Democrats. He complained that it was “unheard of” that the bill did not get a single vote from the opposition. Huh? Obamacare was passed in the first place without a single vote from the opposition. And Obama worked tirelessly for sixteen months trying to get support for the bill, while Trump made a few phone calls over seven weeks between golf shots, none to any Democrat.

And, true to form, he was “very presidential” about it all,  crowing about how the Democrats own it and he’s been saying for a year and a half that the best thing to do politically is let Obamacare “explode”. Man-baby, listen – try to understand: you’re president of all the American people now. It makes you look like a jackass to be smirking about how great it will be for you if they lose access to health care.

Next-up: yesterday the American military confirmed it screwed up bigly, killing hundreds of Syrian civilians in Mosul. According to the Washington Post:

the March 17 incident would mark the greatest loss of civilian life since the United States began strikes on Islamic State targets in Iraq and Syria in 2014

I’ll be listening intently to find out whose fault this really was. Crooked Hillary maybe? The Generals? Obama? One thing for sure is that you can bet the “Arab Street” will be accusing us of doing this purposely, and, after all Trump’s vitriol directed their way, why wouldn’t they think it?

Make America Great Again.


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