Let them eat diamonds

Monday today – I’m too lazy to write something thoughtful. So, instead, here is some random anti-Trump sentiment for your enjoyment.

The Meals on Wheels program could be saved if Melania Trump would stay at the White House for just 20 days.

trump lion


Another way to put the NEH cuts in context:

trump wall

Trump on 60 Minutes: “There’s just so much to be done, so I don’t think we’ll be very big on vacations, no.”

Trump’s golf trips in his first two months cost the same as funding Meals on Wheels for over four years.

Jerry: “He wasn’t a pigman, was he?”  Kramer: “No! Just a fat little mental patient!”


Trump aid Sebastian Gorka turns out to be a Nazi.


Bloomberg sums it up nicely:





2 thoughts on “Let them eat diamonds”

  1. Okay, you get a day off. So do we:

    Also, look for your insight as these ruskie hearings go forward. Any “butterfield” moments on the horizon? We can dream.


  2. 5 Diamonds!

    Read Timothy Snyder in NY Daily News yesterday or on Twitter. Great article on how Soviets have invaded United States during election.


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