Tax cuts for the rich

That’s all it is.

The non-partisan (soon to be known as “deep state”, “fake”, and/or “enemy”) Congressional Budget Office has determined that if the Republican replacement for Obamacare is passed, 14 million currently-insured people will become uninsured in the first year, 21 million by 2020, and 24 million by 2026, at which point a total of 52 million Americans will lack health insurance.

Although Trump ran on a promise of not cutting Medicaid, the proposed bill does exactly that, and the reduced numbers of insured are mainly older and low-income Americans who will no longer be able to afford the coverage they now have through Medicaid. They are mostly Trump voters, by the way, who, one hopes, are beginning to understand what a Trump “promise” is actually worth.

All of these reductions in coverage will produce $600 billion in tax cuts for the wealthy.

Why would they do it? Because the Kochs want them to get rid of Obamacare .  Actually the Kochs don’t like the replacement plan either, because it offers tax credits as incentives to buy coverage, which the Kochs say is just another government subsidy. But they do want Obamacare gone in any case, because they can’t understand why their tax money should be used to help others.

But how can it pass – how can such a cruel measure become law?  Well, who’s going to stop it – Republican congressmen with a conscience?

David Mamet laid it out for you in Glengarry Glen Ross. You are Dave Moss and your congressman is Blake.

Dave Moss: What’s your name?
Blake: Fuck you. That’s my name.
Dave Moss: [laughs]
Blake: You know why, mister? ‘Cause you drove a Hyundai to get here tonight; I drove an eighty thousand dollar BMW. That’s my name.

Mamet puts it another way in “House of Games”.  Joe Mantegna (your congressman) explains that his marker is good. He lives in the United States, after all.


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