Michael Flynn, foreign agent

In 2014, President Obama fired Michael Flynn as head of the Defense Intelligence Agency for freelancing on foreign policy. Flynn held different ideas about “Radical Islam” and other things than the president, and had been acting on his own.

His ideas were sometimes referred to as “Flynn Facts” (also known as “falsehoods”) by those who worked with him, for example his assertion that Iran has killed more Americans than al Qaeda in the 21st century. Flynn tweeted links to fake new stories (created by his son!) that reported Hillary Clinton was running a sex slavery ring out of the back room of a Pizzeria in D.C., which was later shot up by a true believer in such things. In short, Flynn’s a little nutty.

After being fired,  he receded into the world of mid-level defense contractors and international influence peddlers. In December 2015, he appeared with Russian President Vladimir Putin at a Moscow banquet.

Flynn’s style has been described as “Kiss up, kick down”. No one loves the “Kiss up” part more than our very own man-baby, and no one is more easily taken in by it. This speech, given by Flynn at the Republican convention in July, is loaded with it.

In the opening minutes, he says, “the destructive pattern of putting the interest of other nations ahead of our own will end when Donald Trump is president”. If ever there has been a more hypocritical load of bullshit exclaimed with more patriotic conviction (at least in the English language), I am unaware of it.

Flynn became one of Trump’s closest advisers during the campaign and was ultimately appointed National Security Adviser, a controversial pick that did not require Senate confirmation.

During the campaign, Flynn had been discussing the Obama administration’s sanctions against Russia  with the Russian ambassador,  Sergey Kislyak. and he then lied about those discussions to the Vice President, Mike Pence, which caused a problem for the Trump White House.

On February 13th, Kellyanne Conway said on TV that National Security Adviser Michael Flynn enjoyed the full confidence of President Trump.

Later that day, twenty-four days after being appointed, Flynn resigned.

The next day, February 14th, Sean Spicer insisted that Flynn did not resign, but that Trump fired him, after losing faith in his honesty.

On February 15th, Trump said Flynn was a wonderful man, apparently forgetting about the honesty thing.

“Gen. Flynn is a wonderful man. I think he has been treated very, very unfairly by the media, as I call it, the fake media in many cases. And I think it is really a sad thing that he was treated so badly.”

This week, Flynn registered as a Foreign Agent, for doing $530,000 worth of lobbying work for Turkey during the campaign, i.e. at the same time he was talking about not putting the interests of other nations ahead of ours. Also at the same time that Trump was talking about “draining the swamp”, which, it’s hard to remember now, referred to getting rid of lobbyists and the moneyed interests they represent.

Spicer said he was a private citizen during this time. Yes, Sean, we got that. Thank you so much for the unneeded clarification – a lobbyist is a  private citizen. And as such, he was exactly the kind of swamp-thing that needed a heavy draining.

Mike Pence said this affirms Trump’s decision to fire him.

We’re still waiting for some affirmation on the decision to hire him in the first place. In any case, if the swamp-draining is still going on, it’s going on out of public view.


One thought on “Michael Flynn, foreign agent”

  1. This is only the beginning. Read #dossier.. Who will tell the truth about these matters? IC? Journalists? Scientists? Citizens? The Polis is in trouble.


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