So this is how it will be

There will not be a single normal day in the next four years.

Each and every day will be consumed by controversy and acrimony. There will be no time to hash out whether something Trump tweets is actually true before the next spectacle begins, and no point in doing so.

If you think a tweet is nuts and clearly untrue, you are a “cuck” and you need to get out of the way of the TrumpTrain, which is accomplishing things much faster and better than any administration ever, and running like a finely tuned machine.

No one who really needs to hear that something wasn’t true after all is listening or cares. It’s just fake news from the lying enemy media. America will be great again very soon. In fact, it’s already great again.

The President of the United States made up a crazy, paranoid lie about his predecessor, and impulsively tweeted it out to the world. Having done that, he says only, “No further comment until a Congressional investigation has been done” to avoid having to elaborate or clarify or justify.

He sends Sean Spicer into the predictable fire, but Spicy’s got nothing. When asked about the crazy tweets, he says only,  “If we start down the rabbit hole of discussing some of this stuff, I think that we end up in a very difficult place.” No shit!

Spicer seems to be forgetting it was the POTUS that started us down the rabbit hole and put us in this very difficult place. But why? Why in the world would he do it? Is there any up-side other than getting Jeff Sessions’ lying under oath off the font page? Is that all there is behind this unbelievable breach of protocol, etiquette, and sanity? Just the gaining of a day or two of political cover?

But, amazingly enough, it doesn’t matter at all. It seems there will be no consequences to putting the lie out there where it marinates, unverified, and becomes true for millions just for having been said by “President” Trump.  Republicans simply shrugged.

Anyway, it’s day-old news now which means it’s not news at all. Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell are focused on their new health care bill, which should, in a normal world, be the focus of the news. There is no mention on my Google news feed today about yesterday’s outrage.

So what’s next from President Crazypants?

Today we’re on to the new, “revised” Muslim travel ban. It has already made us forget all about Obama “tapping”.

Which made us forget all about the Attorney General,  Jeff Sessions, lying to Congress under oath.

Which made us forget all about the imagined “Swedish terrorism last night”.

Which made us forget all about the absurd Mar-a-Lago security circus.

Which made us forget about the botched Yemen raid and how “They lost Ryan”.

Which made us forget all about the enormous cost to taxpayers for Trump family travel.

Which made us forget all about the unconscionable exclusion of the Failing New York Times, CNN, and others from a press briefing.

Which made us forget all about the anti-democratic “Media is the enemy of America”.

Which made us forget all about the stupefying “Legal system is broken” for ruling against the original travel ban.

Which made us forget all about the loony and incompetent Flynn lying about Russian meetings and resigning.

Which made us forget all about the delusional “three million illegal votes cast”.

Which made us forget all about the unprecedented Kellyanne Conway hawking Ivanka crap during a FoxNews interview.

Which made us forget all about the xenophobic and silly provocation of the original travel ban on Muslims.

Which made us forget all about the fictional “electoral landslide”.

Which made us forget all about how we’ll be paying for the alleged “wall” after all.

Which made us forget all about the spectacle of a sitting president refuting and diminishing the intelligence agencies over Russian hacking.

Which made us forget all about the fanciful “record crowds” at the inauguration.

Which made us forget all about the disheartening Conway saying Trump wouldn’t release his taxes after all.

I know I probably have the order of these events wrong, and I know I left out many, many others that had their turn completely preoccupying the media for a day or two. I can’t help it – my head is spinning. I have no desire to thoroughly research all the craziness, chaos, controversies, and straight-up bullshit we’ve endured in the first few weeks of Trump.

I’m not even going to go back to before the election when there was so much to digest/refute that we never actually got to ask Trump a real policy question. I suppose the answer would have been drowned out by the chants of “Lock Her Up” anyway.

And of course all the scandals of Trump’s business career are just irrelevant ancient history now. For the masochistic among you, here’s a summary from The Atlantic.

The force and weirdness of the Trump hurricane since winning the election is just too much. It’s a completely unprecedented (unpresidented?) perversion of perhaps the most critical of our three branches of government, the Executive, and it  has greatly accelerated the disappearance of cohesion and decency in our political life.

Each day we think, OK this is it – this is the one that’s so crazy we all have to stop, sort through it, and take action on it while everything else is on hold. But then tomorrow comes and we have to put it aside for the new one.

It has finally dawned on me that this is how every day of the next four years will be. There will not be one Trump-free day. Not one day in which we can just relax and try to forget what’s happening and what’s happened.

We’re already exhausted. God help us when the first real international crisis hits, or the first big terrorist attack, or another financial implosion, or an ecological disaster, or anything else that cries out for a real president to actually lead us.





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