He’s kidding right?

So the moment of Trump being “presidential” has passed. It didn’t last very long and, really, was anybody fooled? You’re setting the bar for “presidential” pretty low when all the guy has to do is read some complete sentences off a teleprompter. The hard part, actually writing the complete sentences, has already been done by someone else, Stephen Miller I suppose.

Anyway, Trump almost immediately snapped out of the uncomfortable role of “leader” with some tweets about Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer meeting with Russians, and, as could be expected, demanded an investigation. This is the usual thing of Trump distracting from and attempting to neutralize something real, in this case Jeff Sessions lying under oath, with something either totally made-up or totally inconsequential.

It works well enough to galvanize his 60 million into accepting the false equivalence and thereby changing the dynamic of the whole thing. But if that’s all there was to say about his “pivot”, I wouldn’t bother writing anything.

No, this morning he really outdid himself. At 6:35 A.M, he was up and already tweeting absurd conspiracies theories. We’re all getting used to the POTUS tweeting everything now.  He’s already been told the obvious: that he could take a giant step towards being “presidential” while greatly reducing the chances of shooting himself in the foot just by putting the stupid Twitter down. Permanently. Not gonna happen.

And doing it before breakfast.? He’s kidding, right? I mean, there was a moment when we thought that maybe the people around him would filter and vet his tweets. Maybe Hope Hicks? Someone. Then the use of Twitter might at least seem like a new tech version of real executive communications. But, first thing in the morning.? No, clearly Trump was thrashing around in a sleepless torment over how to deal with his enemies, who are many and surround him at all times. He got up and reached for his phone and blasted this out:

It’s really just too ridiculous. He’s kidding, right? Please tell me he’s kidding.


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