When will enough be enough?

I’ve just about forgotten all about Trump’s many and various displays of petulance, incompetence, ignorance and insanity of the last week or two. Something about no security precautions at Mar-a-Lago, I believe. Maybe a terrorist attack in Sweden? Kellyanne Conway said something or other that resulted in a week-long time-out. Signed something that’s going to screw up the environment, I think. Flynn something something. “See you in court” over what, now? A few others I just can’t remember at all.

It’s just exhausting. At least one outrage a day that, in normal times, would have blown up the media for six months, 24/7.  But with the man-baby, if it’s more than a day old, it doesn’t count anymore. Never happened. Never said it.  Don’t need you Soros-funded political hacks rooting around trying to dredge up ancient history. It hurts Our Country.

Today’s craziness tops them all (until tomorrow, that is). Yesterday, at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), the tiny-handed clown amped up his attacks on the press (and threw in the FBI for good measure), repeating that they are “the enemy of the people” and criticized as “fake news” any anonymously-sourced reports that reflect poorly on him. Note that anything that reflects positively on him is real news.

He backed this up later with another of his Executive Tweets:

OK, we’ve heard all this before. Nothing new to see here, people. Just move along.  But the CPAC blast was quickly followed by the White House press secretary, Sean Spicer,  barring the Failing New York Times, CNN, and other organizations Trump doesn’t like from his daily press conference.

Folks, we’re in uncharted waters here. Nothing like this has ever happened before. Really, how long until the Brownshirts are in the streets?

Trump just does not understand how this country is set up. He quite obviously has never read the constitution and has no idea what the limits of presidential power are meant to be. Or the importance of an independent judiciary.  Or a free press.  This is what happens when you elect a businessman-in-chief who has never held elective office of any kind ever. You get a guy who cannot tolerate any sort of disagreement and feels he can punish anyone who doesn’t toe the line.

He’s warring with the courts, the intelligence agencies, the press, our historic allies, business executives that don’t praise him sufficiently, all members of either party in congress that show any hesitation. Everyone who doesn’t praise and flatter him.

It’s almost funny. Trump has vowed to punish “leakers” now, though he loved and encouraged Wikileaks just a few months ago, and openly invited the Russians to hack away at his opponents.

To me, what really illustrates Trump’s lack of understanding about the role of the press is his saying that news organizations should not publish stories with anonymous sources.  Journalists have fought this battle many times over the years and always won. It’s quite obvious why no one would ever talk to the press about any wrongdoing if they had to have their name revealed. In the Trump era, this is more important than ever, since you would immediately lose your job and be attacked relentlessly on the internet.

Here’s a deal for you, man-baby: you reveal the name of your special investigators that found all that “unbelievable evidence” in Hawaii about Obama’s real birth certificate, and we’ll consider having this idiotic discussion about anonymous sources again for the millionth time.

Standing by…


One thought on “When will enough be enough?”

  1. “This is what happens when you elect a businessman-in-chief” Excellent point. As far as I know he’s never even had a board to report to, even with their milquetoast reputation. No criticism allowed.


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