I inherited a mess

No.  You inherited a fortune. You’re creating a mess.

Anyone who watched Trump’s “press conference” yesterday should be able to see now that the man is unhinged and almost surely ill. When I say “anyone”, I mean anyone who isn’t in some FoxNews-induced trance.

There is no question you can ask him that will be answered directly. Instead, the response will always be about his own greatness, the hugeness of his victories, the failings of his critics, or the conspiracies aligned against him. No-one who disagrees with him does so in good faith – all are lying, crooked, failing, losers, sad, fake, and so on.

Ask him what explains the rise in antisemitic incidents since the election, and he’ll answer that he’s the least antisemitic person anyone will ever meet and also the least racist. That is, if you can tease out an “answer” from the incoherent word salad he serves up. OK, we believe you – now answer the question if you would.

I can’t think of a single thing he’s ever said that wasn’t an exaggeration or distortion of the actual facts. And if you call him on one, he will insist he was right or tell you that you misunderstood, or, if absolutely necessary, say the words came from someone else. In this last resort,  his favorite locutions are some form of “A lot of people are saying…” or “This is what I’ve been told…”, etc.

In short, there is no use challenging him. You will never get a satisfactory answer and, if your words or ideas gain enough traction with others, you will be personally attacked, possibly sued, and made a sworn enemy of the lunatic fringe. Who needs it?

Of all the crazy shit he blathered about yesterday, the thing I find the most insulting is the idea that he inherited a mess. The Obama presidency, in addition to being the most ethical and scandal-free we’ve had in decades, made tremendous progress cleaning up a real inherited mess. Do you even remember the financial crisis of 2008?

Here are a few facts about the nature of the “mess” Trump has inherited.


One of the things Trump bragged about in the presser was how well the stock market is doing since he was elected. Obama knew better than to brag about it because it could easily come back to bite you if you did, though he really did have something to brag about. But Trump’s bragging is especially funny if you remember that during the campaign he said stock prices were artificially high due to incompetent and biased Federal Reserve policy. He said Janet Yellen was “doing political things” by keeping interest rates low.

But what bothers most people, I think, is that we’re starting to realize there will be no actual governing over the next four years, only “campaigning”, by which I mean Trump ceaselessly proclaiming his greatness, denigrating others, and making up “facts” along the way.


One thought on “I inherited a mess”

  1. SG, that’s a great before and after summary to keep handy. And now, from quiet discipline to raucous chaos. Only good thing is the reawakening of the Bezos-led ‘failing’ press.


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