Dartagnan beat me to it

You’re assignment today is to read this short piece on the Daily Kos.

I was going to write something along the same lines, but there’s no need – Dartagnan beat me to it and laid it all out perfectly.

It starts by pointing out that 9/11 turned Bush’s presidency around. His popularity early in his term was terrible, but soared after the attacks. 9/11 gave him cover to launch a disastrous war that had been planned before the attacks, and also to throw off constraints on presidential power.

It goes on to say that everyone knows an attack is coming at some point now, and Trump is doing everything possible to provoke it while laying the groundwork for blaming others (the courts).

It will be much worse this time around for a variety of reasons including the fact that Trump conflates national interest with his own self-interest.

Anyway, just go read it and report back here tomorrow.


One thought on “Dartagnan beat me to it”

  1. Senate Republicans have been spineless so far. Very disappointing. But I don’t see how the people are going to do anything about it other than vote the Republicans out of congress in two years, and that seems unlikely. Is there some other “public stand” that will work?


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