L’état, c’est lui.

The man-baby’s hands seemed even tinier this morning.

Yesterday, a federal appeals court panel of three judges unanimously refused to reinstate Trump’s executive order  banning travel from seven Muslim countries.  The bleating and tweeting began immediately.

Trump quite clearly does not understand our tripartite system of government and the separation of powers it requires. He does not recognize the authority of any person or institution to  question his “mandate” or even his judgement as President/Emperor/King.

Anyone who dares question him obviously has “political” motives.

All I can say here is that I really hope this does go to the Supreme Court and that they unanimously uphold the appeals court. Any other result certainly will be evidence of politics destroying our system.

In recent days, we have seen that we can’t rely on the republican congress to assert its own power, independence or integrity (ha!). The approving of all Trump’s cabinet picks so far, as preposterously unqualified and inappropriate as they may be, shows this clearly.

The press has been neutralized, including, and perhaps especially, the newspaper of record, the Failing New York Times.

There’s really nothing left between us and idiocracy but the courts. Maybe a supreme court decision defining the limits of presidential power, or, as everyone would certainly refer to it, “a rebuke”, would stem the awful tide of Trump’s bullying.

See you in court.


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