“Trump Lashes Out”

Google it.

The man-baby is always lashing out. If you google it today, you’ll find a few new “lashing out” stories on the first page. This is just the lashing out of one day.

First, he “lashed out” at Nordstom department store for dropping Ivanka’s line of whatever the fuck she has a line of. Really, didn’t we just hear about how he was going leave the running of all the family’s businesses to his kids? See, he didn’t have to divest any of his holdings because there would be no conflicts of interest as long as the kids took care of all the business. He’d stay completely out of it.

Apart from the conflicts of interest, though, there is the issue of using the bully pulpit to attack or praise individual businesses based on whether he thinks they support him enough. It’s an entirely new thing for a president to be doing. Trump has praised L.L. Bean (board members contributed to him), caused some firings at Wynn casinos (someone said something about Melania), has continued to criticize “Celebrity Apprentice” after promising not to (Schwarzenegger didn’t support him), and on and on and on. Anyway, let’s all go on a shopping spree at Nordstrom today.

Then there’s the story of Trump “lashing out” at Senator Richard Blumenthal, who revealed that the man-baby’s Supreme Court pick, Neil Gorsuch, said Trump’s war on the judiciary was disheartening and demoralizing. This one’s kind of funny not just because it’s a great example of Trump shooting the messenger, but because this particular lashing was attacking Blumenthal for misrepresenting his Viet Nam service (Trump was a draft dodger).

Then there’s the link to Trump “lashing out” against the judge who ruled against his Muslim travel ban. You know, the “so-called” judge that was appointed by W. At least he didn’t accuse this one of being a “Mexican”.

If you go past the first page of search results, you’ll find links to Trump lashing out at Vanity Fair because they published a negative review of his restaurant, Trump lashing out at John Lewis, lashing out at “professional anarchists” who joined protest against him, lashing out at the Failing New York Times, CBS,  and even FoxNews for suggesting Steve Bannon is calling the shots, lashing out at the Australian P.M. in a phone call, etc., etc. etc.

One that didn’t make the list today, but should be there by tomorrow is Trump lashing out at McCain for questioning the “success” of the Yemen raid.

As Trump himself has told us, he’s the best at many things. But when it comes to lashing out, no one even comes close.

So unifying. So presidential. So insane.


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