An ignorant piece of work

I’m often struck by how much more people in other parts of the world know about what’s going on here than we do ourselves. And how seriously they take the blatherings and tantrums of President Man-baby, while we, here in the U.S.,  are becoming inured to them.

Want to know how we’re doing in Australia? A good friend of the blog in Melbourne emailed us his thoughts under the subject heading, “An ignorant piece of work”:


Your President is clearly an ignorant piece of work. His real weakness however is arrogance. He seems to think Allies and others will do what ever he wants them to do, i.e. what ever suits him politically. He has no concept of respect and give and take in a relationship. I would have said it would be hard to disrupt the Aust / US alliance especially with a Liberal (rightish) govt here. But he has done that already. 

Most Australians viewed his election with some amusement – happy to see a country that is weirder than us and makes for interesting newspaper reading. He never had much support here but now he would have a popularity rating of way less than 20%. I don’t suggest he try and visit here anytime soon – there would be large and active demonstrations. There would certainly be very little respect. Even the far right that were all over his win have disappeared – no mileage in being associated with him. The Govt had been taking a fairly conciliatory line to things up to now. “The American alliance is an enduring one and we will work respectfully with whoever the American people chose” sort of thing. Now I hear people ask “why would I go to the US for a holiday?”. All he has managed to do is drive people away and make it politically difficult for our govt to support the US in anything. So when they need support he will have to give back way more than he will want. And our Prime Minister was a pretty successful business man and has a healthy ego so he is going to give as good as he gets. The satire on TV here makes Saturday night live look tame!

The Government here has a 1 seat majority in a 144 seat House of representatives and a minority in the Senate. And its polls are not great. The opposition is a real disciplined opposition looking for any opportunity to have a go.

So the real issue for the US is its become exceptionally hard, if not impossible, politically for the Australian Government to support the US in anything substantive. China is already our major trading partner and there has been a long held view, and a slow reality, that we need to be much closer to Asia and especially China. Turnbull (not Trumball!) has everything to lose by standing up for the US.

I would have thought someone would have briefed the US president on these fairly basic facts before he gets cranky on a call and then has it leaked to show how tough he is!

Binyamin Appelbaum of the Failing New York Times, @BCAppelbaum, made this great map showing the countries Trump has pissed off in his first two weeks. Don’t want to think about what it might look like four years from now. If we’re still here, that is.



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