Tweeting towards Bethlehem

Three weeks ago, #Trump told us his health care plan was just about ready –  “all but finished”, he said. “It’s very much formulated down to the final strokes. We haven’t put it in quite yet but we’re going to be doing it soon. We will have insurance for everybody. It will be in a much simplified form. Much less expensive and much better and much lower deductibles”.

Sounds great, man-baby!

It all came as a big surprise to Republicans in congress. They hadn’t heard word one about it, apparently. Not to worry, though. We’ve forgotten all about it now. Three weeks ago is the paleolithic era in the sped-up world of the man-baby. Promises, accusations, recriminations, Executive Orders, feuds – they all fly by at the speed of Twitter and are immediately lost in the ether, replaced by some new craziness.

Does anybody really care? Does anybody expect the “truth”? Will anybody ever hold him to any of it? No, no, and no way.

Did a health care plan even exist, other than in his own imagination? Who can say. Remember in his “Birther” heyday in 2011, he said with complete sincerity and conviction that he had investigators in Hawaii that had found unbelievable evidence regarding Obama’s real origins. “They cannot believe what they are finding“, he said on TV. He’d reveal it all in a couple of days, he said.

He never revealed anything. “They” found nothing because there was nothing to find and because “they” didn’t exist, any more than the P.R. man “John Miller” did. It’s hard to know whether it’s all “lying” or something else. Does a delusional person “lie”?

Anyway, I started writing this because I was reading about our recent “successful” raid in Yemen, where a Seal Team 6 member was killed and three were injured, where civilians including some children were killed, and where we purposely abandoned a $75 million aircraft.  Mind you, I read about it in the “failing New York Times” so it’s “fake news” to begin with.

But the man-baby tells us it was a success, so it I guess it was. From the article:

Mr. Trump on Sunday hailed his first counterterrorism operation as a success, claiming the commandos captured “important intelligence that will assist the U.S. in preventing terrorism against its citizens and people around the world.”

“Important intelligence” sounds good, maybe even better than his health care plan or his birther evidence. Maybe he’ll tell us what it is soon. Or maybe we’ll forget all about it after a few more crazy tweets.

Here are some candidates from this morning:




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