Disappointing, predictable

So the first few days of the Trump administration are in the books and it’s pretty much what we knew it would be.

In meeting with lawmakers, he repeated the preposterous nonsense, or, if you prefer, “lie”, that he actually won the popular vote, and that it only seems like he didn’t because of the millions of illegal immigrants who voted for Hillary.

Sean Spicer, the new press Secretary, had a couple of meetings with the press that gave us a pretty clear indication of how it’s going to be. In the first, he asserted that the crowds for Trump’s inauguration had been the biggest ever (more preposterous nonsense) and, gave us a clear indication of Trump’s highest priority: constant affirmation of his popularity, legitimacy, and greatness. Who beside the man-baby really cares about the size of the crowd?

The second Spicer performance was the first actual “press briefing” (full summary here). It was notable for some revelations about how we’re ready to fight in the South China Sea, how we’ll be working with Russia in Syria, how they’re actually serious about moving the embassy in Israel to Jerusalem (not just posturing like everyone before them), and so on.

It was also notable for who he called on and in what order. Tradition requires the first question to go to the Associated Press, seated in the front row, center. But it didn’t. The first question went to the New York Post, a Murdoch-owned tabloid of little journalistic repute. The New York Times was finally called on at the end of the session. In other words, screw protocol, it’s my way or the highway. CNN better shape up or suffer the consequences.

Spicer also basically stuck to his guns about the crowd sizes. He said the unfair coverage of Trump in the press was “demoralizing”. Actually it’s the fair coverage of who Trump is and what he says that’s demoralizing, but never mind.

Where’s the fantastic Trump health plan that was “almost ready” last week? No one actually believed there was a health plan (there wasn’t), so we’ve moved on from that, apparently.

The first few days of Trump included no softening or reconciliation for those he trashed and railed against during the campaign.  No indication that he understands the campaign is over and he is now president of all of us, not just his Twitter followers. It’s as if he’s starting his re-election campaign now by hardening the appeals to his base. Make America Even Greater in 2020.

There was plenty of repetition of the “America First” slogan in the first few days. Not only is Trump now the president of all of us, he is, in a very real sense, now the President of the World. But just as he doesn’t care what the Americans who didn’t vote for him think, he also doesn’t care what the concerns of others around the world might be.

It might be fun to revisit the political cartoons from around the world that we collected before the election. But, to get an idea of what some of our friends think of Trump now, check out this Dutch video, made in the Trump style so as to better resonate with him:


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