Dignity, always dignity

This Business Insider article says that Trump is setting the bar too high for himself. They say that by promising too much in the way of Making America Great, he sets himself up for failure if he doesn’t deliver. In his inauguration speech, he says, for example, “This American carnage stops right here and stops right now”, and Business Insider asks, what if it doesn’t?

They miss an obvious point about the man-baby, and one they’ve actually made themselves. In this article they describe how Trump lives on the 68th floor of a 58-floor building. See, he thought it would have more value if it was ten floors taller, so he just added them in the brochures. It was a lot cheaper and faster to do it that way than to actually build the ten missing floors. Or to simply state the obvious that you’ve gone and built a 58-floor building.

The point is, that if the carnage doesn’t end, whatever that means, the man-baby will simply assert that it has. This is how he will Make America Great.

It’s getting harder to remember who Trump is amidst all the promises of who he will be, what he’s actually done in his life versus what he says he will now do, the reality of his lies and amorality  when the fantasy of strength and courage has been projected on him so relentlessly. And he is, after all, now the 45th President of the United States. I’d like to forget it all, too.

I’ll just light one candle in the immense darkness here for old times’ sake.

Dignity: Donald Trump bodyslams, beats and shaves Vince McMahon at Wrestlemania XXIII.


Morality: Donald Trump was forced to sell the Miss Universe Organization – which also includes sister scholarship programs Miss USA and Miss Teen USA – in 2015 after his incendiary comments about Mexicans drove away broadcasters NBC and Univision. Trump owned the pageant for nearly two decades, during which time he would have had the opportunity to come into contact with nearly 4,000 beauty queens.


Service: Trump’s Atlantic City bankruptcies explained.

Leadership: Trump University delivers. Not.


Honesty: Trump has been involved in some 4000 lawsuits in his 30-year career, at least 75 of which are still open as his term in office begins. Nothing like this has ever happened before.


Transparency: the Make America Great mugs are made in China.


Confidence: Trump poses as his own P.R. guy. You can’t make this stuff up.

I could go on about the Trump Shuttle,  Trump Steaks, Trump Vodka, and more, but I’m running out of pixels.  Here’s the complete list of all Trump’s business failures, for the curious.

Can we see your Tax Returns? Nope.

Will you be divesting potential conflicts of interest? Don’t have to.

Can we at least see a real medical report, because, uh, maybe you’re clinically insane? Let me think. No.

But at least the long national nightmare of peace and prosperity that was the Obama administration has come to an end. America will be made great again.


One thought on “Dignity, always dignity”

  1. Quoting Don Lockwood from Singing in the Rain (“Dignity always dignity”) as he recounts his personal history, misrepresenting each instance of a knockabout life in bars and vaudeville as the best schools and formal training. Too bad this guy can’t tap dance.


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