Alea iacta est

Today the Rubicon is crossed.

The kakistocracy is installed and empowered, the nuclear codes handed over.

From here, there will be no “access” to leadership and no “news”.

From here, there will be only pre-approved interpretations of events, statistics, economic indicators, battlefield successes or failures, climate change, science.

There will be propaganda on the one hand, and “spies”, “liars”, and “fakes” on the other. There will be nothing in between.

Polls will be discredited when unfavorable, and embraced when supportive.

The prestige of the academy will diminish and its credibility doubted.

Credit will be taken for the accomplishments of others, and blame will be assigned for the inevitable failures and disappointments.

The rot and dishonesty that has festered in the judiciary, legislature, and fourth estate will finally take its toll. The checks and balances mitigating tyranny will no longer maintain.

Those who smile and nod will be praised and rewarded. Those who doubt and resist will be vilified and destroyed.

Clean air and water will be become more precious and rare, at some point available only to those who can afford them.

Routine medical care will no longer be routine. Life expectancy will lag behind other societies and possibly even decrease.

Public property will come under increasing control of private interests.

Those responsible for the welfare of all will prosper, and those who rely on their protection will struggle.

The transfer of wealth from the many to the few will accelerate.

Friends and neighbors will be distrusted and accused.

Historic allies will be abandoned as historic antagonists attempt to direct us.

Above all, the ship of state will not be steered with a steady hand. Chaos and uncertainty will increase.

“The best lack all conviction. The worst are filled with passionate intensity”.  Yeats.



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