I agree with Trump

I agree with Hitler, too: German Shepherds are really fine dogs. The Führer and I are on the same page – it would be really cool to get a new German Shepherd puppy. Am I a bad person? (Don’t answer that.)


Trump seems to me to be a profoundly ignorant person. A willfully ignorant person. It’s really quite shocking that someone who grew up with so many privileges and opportunities, and who has seen so much of the world in his adult life, could have taken in so little. A normal person would have to try really hard to achieve that, which is why I say he is “willfully” ignorant. Or maybe it’s related to some sort of ADD or other physical characteristic. He just can’t stay on one thing for more than a few seconds.

The net effect is, as I have pointed out many times, that Trump has no real principles. He doesn’t “believe” what he’s saying half the time because he doesn’t even know what he’s saying half the time. And then he’ll completely contradict himself, sometimes even in the same sentence, which only reinforces the notion that he doesn’t believe in anything. We’ve seen it often.

This is not to say that therefore nothing he says matters. As president, the things he says will matter very much.

This presents an interesting dilemma for the rest of us. Since, over the course of time, Trump will take every side of every issue (which is absolutely perfect for someone who wants to take credit for prescience), the law of averages suggests that sooner or later he’ll say something you actually agree with. Or, if you prefer, even a stopped clock is right twice a day.

If you do agree with something that flies by on Trump’s twitter feed, it doesn’t mean you support him or think he may be an OK president. Or that he isn’t a vulgar man-baby. And it doesn’t mean you have to stop thinking the thing that Trump has now blurted out, either.

Some of the things you might be thinking are things you would have never said in the past, because you know your friends would think you were an asshole if you said them. Or just because the social contract that keeps us from screaming at each other all the time has forbidden you to say them. When Trump says them, it gives you permission to say them, too. Trump is voiding the social contract, which is why all the racists and nut-jobs on Breitbart think it’s Morning In America.

I’ll give you two quick examples of stupid things Trump said this week that I actually agree with. The first is we should cut funding of the U.N. (everyone there hates us), and the second is the we should cut aid to sub-Saharan African countries (the aid hardly ever reaches the intended recipient and usually accomplishes the opposite of what we hoped it would).

Am I a bad person? (Don’t answer that.)




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