Trump voters unfazed

If you’re wondering whether any of the 60 million people who voted for Trump are feeling any buyer’s remorse, well, forget it. They aren’t. Inauguration, or as we’ve come to regard it, Crossing The Rubicon, is still a few days off, but a clear picture of what we’ll be getting has already emerged.

There will be no tax returns or medical reports released. There will be no divesting of business interests. Mexico will not be paying for The Wall. We will not Lock Her Up. There will be only extremely rare “press conferences” where every question is treated as an accusation and disputed rather than answered. There will be a cabinet of billionaires who are installed despite clear conflicts of interest. There will be daily tweets disparaging any individual who dares criticize the man-baby, and the presidency itself will be thereby demeaned. Russia, historically an ideological enemy, will be our best ally and have more influence on policy than any other. Relatives will be installed in important positions despite anti-nepotism laws. Our president will be hated and ridiculed by virtually every other country on the planet. If a business owner or board-member supports Trump, the bully pulpit will be used to encourage us to patronize that business – clearly an unprecedented (unpresidented?) abuse of the power of the presidency. Any of the 25 million or so people that got health insurance for the first time during the Obama years will now be out of luck.

There’s lot’s more that can already go on this list, and lots more will surely be added down the road. But you get the point.

Despite all these things, however, Iowa voters are happy with their choice. Iowa gave Trump his largest margin of victory, 15%, of any battleground state and are happy with what they got. The New York Times went to Monticello, Iowa last week to talk to the sages at the Table of Knowledge week and reported what they heard there 

tableThe Table of Knowledge

Here is a sampling from that piece of what they said.

They  marveled at how he had forced his fellow Republicans in the House to reverse themselves on gutting the Office of Congressional Ethics. “He’s getting responses; things are happening. He got Congress to turn themselves around with one tweet.”

“There’s no secret the press doesn’t like him, and neither does a lot of the leadership,” he added. “And that’s because he’s planning on making a lot of changes.”

About allegations that Russians have embarrassing sex-tapes they could use to blackmail Trump, one said,  “The way it is nowadays, unless I see positive proof, it’s all a lie,”  He added he was more concerned that government officials might have leaked the material to the news media. “I don’t know if it was classified, but if it was, whoever leaked it needs to go to jail,” he said. “We need law and order back in this country.”

Asked about government programs to aid the poor, one said, “I think they should be drug-testing if they’re on welfare”, and “The welfare system needs to be reorganized – ‘Chicago people’ were moving to Iowa to receive higher benefits and bringing crime.”

One said, “I’m ashamed to say we caucused for Obama” in 2008. My view is he purposely got into the presidency so he could ruin America.”

Another called the Affordable Care Act a form of socialism. He said he had no problem with a candidate who had run as the voice of the working people but was stocking his cabinet with the ultrawealthy. He said, “I know these guys are really rich,” he said. “They may have pulled off a few plays that weren’t exactly on the up-and-up, but they all had to be pretty smart to be billionaires. If they replace their own concerns with the concerns of the country, they can make things really move forward. That’s what I’m excited about.”

Anyway, out of all this, there are two things that particularly strike me.

The first is the guy who said that for him, absent “positive proof”, it was all lies. By this he meant that only if FoxNews reported something would he believe it. The rest of the media was all lies. In other words, there is no “positive proof” that will ever change his mind.

The second is that we now have an answer to the question Trump asked everyone a year ago, “How stupid are the people of Iowa“.



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