Man-baby can’t help himself

The other day, for no apparent reason, the man-baby started a fight with Arnold Schwarzenegger because the Celebrity Apprentice ratings were off. He bragged that he was a ratings machine  From the link:

The reaction was utterly predictable. Democrats — and even some Republicans — wondered why Trump was fixated on the ratings for “The Celebrity Apprentice” on the same day that he was set to receive a briefing from intelligence officials about the depth and breadth of Russia’s hacking into the 2016 election. It was the height of irresponsibility, they tweeted!

Meryl Streep gave a passionate anti-Trump speech at the Golden Globe awards last night. In general, I’m with those who think politics should be kept out of these venues. I don’t really care what Colin Kaepernick thinks about the issues of the day, for example. Or, to be honest, Meryl Streep, though I agree with every word she said on this occasion.

If they do have something interesting or important to communicate, let them write an Op-ed piece or whatever, but keep it off the field or the stage.

That being said, does Trump really need to respond to every single criticism that reaches his ears? And does his response always always always have to come in the form of an ad hominem attack?


What happened to “time to come together and heal”?

After the election, I was trying to convince myself that maybe it was possible that things would still be OK. After all, since Trump has no principles and the goal was always just getting elected, not actually “Build a wall” or “Lock her up”, maybe he wouldn’t feel inclined to “act” once in office. Maybe he wouldn’t screw things up. Maybe he’d adopt the “First Do No Harm” model. That would be the best case.

The worst case is that some ISIS moron tweets “Trump has tiny little hands and that means something else is tiny, too. Nyah, nyah, what are you gonna do about it, nuke Riyadh?”

If he can’t help himself from going after Meryl Streep, what might his response to this be? And it’s pretty clear he can’t help himself.



3 thoughts on “Man-baby can’t help himself”

  1. Thanks, SG, for again voicing what I think and fear about our surreal situation. But, a word in defense of sports and entertainment types using their own forums to express political positions. The influence that a Colin K or a Meryl can have is incalculably more far reaching and in a way braver. I get the risk of the “Brando/Littlefeather” syndrome, yet I will never forget Tommy Smith and John Carlos at the Mexico City Olympics. No op ed could have delivered that punch.


      1. Oh, you can root for the Pats, fine team as they are, but you must upgrade your hero profile. Those two cheaters make you forget their talents with their mean-spirited behavior. And, Tommy, leaving a pregnant woman is not how you earn admiration from the mothers-of-America. Sorry to rant!


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