You want me to hold the chicken?

OK, I surrender. Everyone likes thinking about movies more than about Trump or Israel or even biblioclasm.

Here’s a pop quiz. Random scenes, some iconic, some not, from random movies. Can you name the movie and the principal actors in the scene? No cheating with that Google thingy you kids are always playing with, either. They’re mostly pretty easy, especially for people who have been around a few years, so have fun.

Get 15 out of 20 right and you win a gold star from Stewie. Get them all and you receive a PhD from Trump University.

5-easy-pieces1: I want you to hold it between your knees.


2: Jake goes to church.


3: Pick up the beat, will ya?


4: Here’s an easy one for you.

5: If you don’t know this one, you shouldn’t be playing.

6: Hint: It’s a Lush Budgett Production.


7: Another no-brainer, just to keep your batting average up.


8: The swans fly high in the Kingdom of Vespa


9: I’m very proud of being a woman…


10: Bet you don’t get this one.




12. That’s a load of Commie bull.


13. I’m cooperating here.


14. Another slam dunk


15. You’re running a food museum here.


16. Take it easy, Early


17. Hint: DeSica


18. Go to your alcove.


19. Boarding school fantasy


20. To become immortal, and then die.

Answers will be posted in the comments section for this post tomorrow, or later today if you beg really nicely.


9 thoughts on “You want me to hold the chicken?”

  1. No one got #8, which is Arabesque, a fun thriller with Gregory Peck and Sophia Loren. Whose side is she on?
    That’s a very young Michael Moriarty in Bang the Drum Slowly. So sad.
    The kid in 1000 Clowns is Barry Gordon.
    The actors in Bicycle thief are not professionals (!), so no points taken off there.


  2. Ok. I didn’t cheat:
    1 five easy pieces. Jack Nicholson Karen Black
    2 Blues Brothers. Belushi. Ackroyd
    3. Diner. Tim Daly (& Barkin, Stern, Guttenberg, Bacon, Rourke)
    4. Taxi Driver. DeNiro
    5. Casablanca. Bogart, Raines, Henreid leading Les Marseilles. Ilsa/Bergman not shown
    6. What a way to go. MacLaine Newman
    7. Streetcar named desire. Brando
    8. Seen it. Can’t f’ing remember
    9. Tootsie. Hoffman, Garr (and Lange & Murray)
    10. Dunno
    11. Bang the drum slowly. DeNiro and the other guy.
    12. Dr strange love. GC Scott and 3 Peter sellers
    13. Fargo. WH Macy & F McDormand (& a phenom supporting cast)
    14. Zorba the Greek. A Quinn and A Bates
    15. Mother. The sadly late Debbie and Albert Brooks who directed
    16. Kalifornia I think. Duchovny
    17. Bicycle Thief. Don’t know actors
    18. Dunno. J Robards
    19. If. M McDowell
    20. Breathless. JP Belmondo. Jean Seberg

    What’s my score, Teach?


    1. Wow! Great job. You get the gold star and a Masters from Trump. U. Just missed the PhD by a hair, but the thesis committee is deliberating. Gonna have to step up my game to fool the smartest girl in class! Kalifornia is right BTW, but it’s Brad Pitt’s movie, all the way.


      1. Thanks, SG! You could do an entire blog on movies. One way to avoid the miserable sadness that Ms USA is experiencing. Latest: the Kushner family is moving into a house formerly owned by a Putin buddy. Gag. Glad Lincoln and my father aren’t alive.


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