you cannot believe the things he says

The Washington Post agrees: Trump thrives on chaos.

“We’re just operating in this world where you cannot believe the things he says,” said Eliot Cohen, a foreign policy expert and former George W. Bush administration official at the State Department. “It will have large consequences for our allies and our adversaries, and it’s going to greatly magnify the danger of miscalculation by all kinds of people.”

This is the pattern we have consistently seen and can expect to see over and over going forward:

  1. Trump tweets out some incendiary nonsense that puts the world on edge and makes everyone wonder if he’s insane,  ignorant, or simply looking to get us all killed
  2. His surrogates fan out to explain to the media what he really meant and how it’s not that bad and not at all what it seemed
  3. Trump then contradicts his surrogates, says the Tweet meant exactly what it said, and doubles down with additional gasoline for the fire
  4. The surrogates fan out once more and complain the media is making way too big a thing about it and why didn’t anyone complain when Hillary said x, y, or z.

Everyone now understands Trump is the Master Distracter, and is perhaps trying to deflect attention from something else, trivial or important, e.g. that no big-name talent wants to perform at his inauguration.

But every single day? Is this really necessary?

Thomas Nichols, a U.S. Naval War College professor, says

“It’s worse than not having one explanation,.  If you’re going to change policy, then that requires a kind of steely consistency and a lot of disciplined messaging.”

“We’re all spending a lot of time trying to devise the future of America’s nuclear policy out of 140 characters.”

Is this the way we want to live? Is the entire world just a snow-globe that Trump shakes up for his own amusement every  day?

I’ll say it one more time:  Manbaby, Put.The Twitter. Down.  Or, if you prefer the Keith Olbermann style:



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