The opposite is true

One of the reasons we have this silly Electoral College thing is that the founders couldn’t settle on the right way to elect a president. Should he be appointed by the senate? Should state governors decide? A popular vote would be good but people might not get accurate information about candidates from outside their state. And for a candidate who had never run for office and therefore had no record to analyze, it would really be a problem

They had to figure a way to prevent a completely unqualified demagogue from fooling the people who had no idea what he was really like, so they invented the Electoral College.

There’s little doubt that today the Electoral College will vote Donald Trump in as president, but it’s a bit ironic when you think that the people who knew him best supported him least. This seems like exactly the thing the Electoral College was meant to take into consideration

New York state gave Hillary a true landslide victory: 59% to Trump’s 36.5%.

But in New York City, Trump’s home town, it was really something. It didn’t matter that he had no record whatsoever of public service – everyone knew him very well from his businesses, bankruptcies, frequent law suits, outrageous media appearances and “socializing”, bogus “university”, and many other unsavory activities.

In New York City, Trump took an unbelievable beating.

In Queens, where he grew up, Hillary Clinton got an amazing 75.1% of the votes. But in Manhattan, where Trump lives and operates, everyone really hates him. He got less than 10% of the votes cast! It’s unbelievable.

Here’s the full breakdown by neighborhood.

You can zoom in and click on individual wards in that map. The Upper West Side is really devastating for Trump. That’s his old pussy-grabbing territory. In his prime, his favorite haunt had been the China Club (how perfect is that?!) on 75th and Broadway. If you spend a little time with the map, you can find parts of the UWS where Trump got less than 5% of the vote!

Trump thinks he has a mandate, but not only did he get fewer votes than Hillary, he even got fewer votes than that “loser” Mitt Romney got in 2012! Some mandate.

He claims to have won the popular vote, which he lost by close to 3 million votes, because millions “voted illegally”. There is not a single bit of evidence to support this. In fact the opposite is true.


Trump falsely claims to have won an Electoral College landslide . In fact, the opposite is true.

electortal-college Come to think of it, that makes a great slogan for the Trump presidency: “The opposite is true.”  Let’s get some bumper stickers made up.

Anyway, enough of this whining.

The message for today is pretty simple: if the Electoral College can’t even do the very thing it was created for, let’s just get rid of the stupid thing once and for all.


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