Fake news, real consequences

With Trump and his team, you never know whether they’re putting out bullshit because it’s great strategy or because they actually believe it.

So, by now you all know that fake news was invented and disseminated by Michael G. Flynn of the Trump transition team. He put out the “news” that Hillary Clinton was running a child sex ring out of the back room of a pizza shop in D.C.

Makes sense, right? Why wouldn’t she? Many people were outraged by this and one idiot charged in and shot the place up.

Flynn is the son of Trump’s national security adviser selection, Michael T. Flynn. The senior Flynn also has a tenuous grip on reality and is known among colleagues for his “Flynn Facts”.

The New York Times and Washington Post debunked the fake news, but apparently not everyone reads those publications. Go figure.

But here’s the thing. Wouldn’t you think that after this, people would at least understand that this particular thing was made-up and that fake news has the potential to cause real havoc?

No. The internet doesn’t work that way. Instead, we have a new revelation. The shooter was an actor and  “the whole thing was a psyop” , a “false flag Hegelian dialectic problem-reaction-solution event”. Wake up, sheeple!

The engineers who conceived the internet knew it could be the greatest tool ever invented to share knowledge world-wide, a way to further understanding among disparate peoples across the globe, a place where facts would reign and everyone would have instantaneous access to them.

It hasn’t worked out that way. The internet is a firehouse blasting out disinformation, conspiracy theories, fake news, and lies. And the people who understand this best and can manipulate it to their advantage will lead us.


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