I’m making myself sick. The more I learn about some of the things Israel’s detractors say about it and about Jewish people, the less I feel like writing anything.

In mentioning the despicable Jasbir Puar yesterday, I found myself going down a rabbit hole I wish I never saw. I  was aware only in a broad sense of how poorly Jewish students and any pro-Israel voices have been treated in recent years on many college campuses, but reading this article and some of the links in it really made me feel bad.

Not gonna say much more about it, other than I did learn what  “pinkwashing” is. Turns out that Israeli friendliness towards the LGBT community is actually a conspiracy to “brand” Israel as a progressive, western-style state and recruit gay people from elsewhere to support its criminal activities.


2 thoughts on “Pinkwashing”

    1. That struck me, too. I guess this is where well-intentioned liberalism leads. It reminds me that the founders of Brandeis, many of whom were ardent Zionists, wanted a great university that welcomed everyone as a way of responding to the quotas limiting Jewish admissions at the Harvards and Yales. How shocked they would be now at the anti-Israel sentiment there.


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