Rock, Paper, Scissors, Narcissist

Our country is designed to work on the principle of checks and balances. No one arm of the government can override the other two. It’s a lot like the rules of Rock/Paper/Scissors that way. Neither the Legislature, the Judiciary, or the Executive can impose its will on the other two. At least that’s the way the Constitution wants it to be.

The President can veto legislation passed by Congress. Congress can block  Supreme  Court nominees or re-write legislation the Supreme Court has ruled on. The Supreme Court can determine the legality of presidential actions or even elections.

Or going around the circle the other way, the President can appoint Supreme Court justices, the Supreme Court can approve or invalidate legislation, and Congress can override presidential vetoes or even impeach the president.

But there are some new elements in the mix now. First, both houses of congress are now not just “Republican”, but stacked with either people who profess not to believe in government at all, or who are beholden or committed to the Koch agenda one way or another. They are unlikely to push back on any Trump initiative. Or any Trump court, cabinet, or ambassadorial appointee. Or any executive order.

Also Trump may have the opportunity to nominate multiple Supreme Court Justices. He will certainly nominate one and that alone will tilt the court his way.

And second, we will have a President with no government experience of any kind, one who’s never been elected as even blackboard-monitor in grade school as far as we know. We’ll have a president who has bloviated about how he’ll drain the swamp, prosecute his opponents, punish our trading partners, invalidate our treaties, and abandon our allies.

We’ll have a president who has proven that avenging any perceived slight and attacking any perceived enemy is the highest priority. A president whose inner circle consists entirely of family members and sycophants. A president who has begun appointing a cabinet of nitwits, dipshits, and nutjobs.

We will have president who clearly demonstrates all the elements of Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

What will become of the checks and balances here? Who will ever say no to this guy?

Who’s going to say no to Trump when he wants to bring his kids to meetings with heads of state  or security briefings?

Who’s going to say no to him when he decides he’d rather sleep in his own bed in New York every night, traffic below be damned, and not reside in Washington at all?

Who’s going to say no to him when he refuses to divest or even disclose conflicts of interests related to his businesses? Or even medical or psychiatric issues?

Who’s going to say no to him when he denies press credentials or refuses to even hold press conferences at all?

Who’s going to say no to him when he wants to defy anti-nepotism laws? Or any laws at all for that matter?

These are all seemingly small things that have either already happened or are about to. Let’s not yet contemplate the potential here for persecuting minorities, destroying the environment, or starting wars.

The rules of the game are changing. Narcissist covers rock. Narcissist cuts paper. Narcissist crushes scissors.



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