Twidiot Tweets Twaddle

For the love of God. What a thin-skinned man-baby we’ve elected. The smartest thing his people ever did, or should I say tried to do, was to get Trump to stop tweeting for just a couple of days. But it didn’t take. Trump just can’t help himself

Obama isn’t gone and I already miss him. To my knowledge, he never rose to the ample bait that FoxNews chummed out continuously for eight years. He would have been right to point out the falsehoods they spewed, to say that they weren’t a “news” organization at all, to accuse them of weakening the power and prestige of the office with their nonsense. But he had the dignity and self-control not to.

If he had taken issue with them, it would have been through back channels, or perhaps indirectly by referring to the right wing media in general. But never impulsively. Never in the middle of the night. And certainly never on Twitter.

Trump has chosen to create and escalate an absurd spat with the New York Times, even before taking office. There is nothing at stake for him in this, nothing to be gained. He’s no longer trying to persuade people to vote for him. If it’s not just  a reflexive narcissism or some misplaced sense of outraged victimhood,  it’s hard to understand his motive.

It’s a lot like the name-calling of opponents during the primaries, or the constant threatening of lawsuits against detractors. It puts people on the defensive and creates a chilling effect for any future coverage or interaction. This would be the kind of “long game” that Trump admirers might suggest is actually his brilliance at work, that has proven effective in the end as is evidenced by his election. I don’t think so. I think he’s just a man-baby. And a twidiot.

It creates a “tone at the top” of his organization that spills out all around him.  Many have been struck by the “sore winner” vibe coming from Trump Tower. Eliot A. Cohen noted it. Corey Lewandowski had an  epic meltdown on election night because Clinton wasn’t conceding fast enough.

The NYT has reported nothing inaccurate (unlike Fox). If something ultimately is shown to be inaccurate, they’ll retract it without having to be shamed into it or sued. They’re not The National Enquirer. But the colicky man-baby can’t be soothed when it comes to the NYT. This WaPo piece points out 30% of Trump’s post-election tweets have been shots at the NYT.

And true to his playground-bully roots, he often includes his favorite epithet. If you liked “Lyin’ Ted” or “Crooked Hillary”, you’ll love “The Failing New York Times”. Is this “presidential”? Is this good for the country? Is it good for Trump? Can’t anyone stop it?

Melania? Jared? Ivanka? Kellyanne?

There must be someone who can finally  deliver the simple message:  Put. The Twitter. Down.


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