Ohiowa has its say

Paul Krugman wrote an excellent piece just before the election describing the ways the whole thing had been rigged against Hillary. Here’s a quick summary:

  1. State governments did all they could to suppress minority voting
  2. Russian intelligence hacked Dem emails then released through Wikileaks
  3. Comey deliberately spread innuendo that hurt Hillary
  4. Foxnews trumpeting falsehoods, retracted, if at all, after damage done
  5. Mainstream media clearly favoring the lying candidate with no proposals
  6. Absurd media obsession with Hillary’s emails

In the end, it was simply that the potential Trump voters were energized to show up and vote, and the expected Hillary base, i.e. the coalition of youth, minorities, blue collar workers, women, etc, were not.

This coalition was built by Obama, an inspirational and charismatic figure. Hillary is not an inspirational or charismatic figure. She is not a natural retail politician, does not like to press the flesh, and does not smile easily. When she does smile, it seems fake, and somehow this translates into “not trustworthy”.

Moreover, she had little in the way of a transformational message to offer. To be fair, just running on another four years of doing what we were doing over the last eight should have been enough, particularly when the opposition is a liar, a con man, and certainly the least qualified candidate ever to be nominated by a major party, both by temperament and experience.

It seems weird to say, but the inspirational and charismatic candidate was Trump. As many others have pointed out, the lightning he captured in a bottle was the profound exhaustion that everyone in “flyover country” feels about “political correctness”.

They are sick of being called racists, homophobes, Islamaphobes, and whatever else simply for being Republicans, or for not abandoning what they feel are common sense positions fast enough to suit the college professors and talking heads.

They feel that if aliens arrived on earth tomorrow, they would think maybe 30% of our population must be transgender based on the volume of discussion of transgender issues. They want to understand why we have to  spend so much time and energy discussing the “persecution” that less than 1% of the population suffers for not being welcomed into the bathroom of their choice.

They  resent being called insensitive if they haven’t kept abreast of the already long and growing lexicon of pronouns needed to attempt to keep every individual happy. And personal pronouns are just the beginning. Just google LGBT vocabulary to get an idea of what you don’t know, and prepare to be accused of something if you don’t learn it all and fast. They think it’s all too much to ask of a farmer or an out-of-work machinist, a taxpayer and a church-goer.

Even writing the above paragraphs, which do not represent my own feelings about these issues, but merely attempt to explain the feelings of others, puts me at risk. If I dare to try to explain or understand these things, then I must at some level agree with them, and therefore I must be “outed” and “shamed” by the Internet Justice League, which can mean swift and severe punishment.

This is why I don’t allow Google to index this blog. This is what leads to self-censorship and, ultimately, backlash. This is what leads to Trump.

This is what the people in Iowa, or as we eastern elite liberals prefer to pronounce it, Ohio, have to tell us.


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