Such a nasty woman

Kellyanne Conway is a piece of work.

Her latest thing is that Hillary and Obama are responsible for calming the anti-Trump protests in Portland. No mention of what a few words from Trump might be able to accomplish, or, better yet, acknowledgement that we’re now reaping what Trump has sowed over the last year and a half.

Why is everyone on the Trump team still so angry? They won. It’s over. Enough with the name calling and finger pointing.

First of all, in terms of what Hillary or Obama could do, they have both given gracious speeches saying Trump is now the president of all of us and let’s give him a chance, and his success is America’s success.

In Hillary’s case, I can’t imagine how she did it after all the bloodthirsty “Lock Her Up” chanting. In Obama’s case, same thing – five years of Birtherism and a lot of other crap from Trump. But they did it, and they meant it.

Second, Hillary is a private citizen with no authority to “calm” anything. And the protesters in Portland are not pro-Hillary, but anti-Trump.

Obama might have the authority to, what, send in the National Guard? Maybe this is the martial-law approach Trump will be taking to any legitimate exercise of first amendment rights, but not Obama. And as for property damage, etc., yes, if a crime has been committed, let due process kick in as we always have (and hope to have over the next four years).

But the real issue here is Trump’s responsibility for this nascent civil war. Hillary never incited violence against those who opposed her at campaign events. Hillary never incited violence against her opponent personally.  It’s hard to remember now all the incendiary things Trump said and encouraged during the campaign. It’s hard to remember all the dog whistles. It’s hard to remember the wink-wink tacit approval of his supporters’ hate speech and talk of “action” if he lost.

This is the climate that Trump created and thrived in. This is the country we now live in. If he had lost a close election, how would he have reacted to the suggestion that he would then be responsible for calming protests against Clinton’s election?

Is it Kellyanne Conway’s “job” to forget all that? To deny who her boss is and what he has done? To imply Clinton was actually the one responsible for this climate, and now must act to mitigate it?

Such a nasty woman.


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