Hail to the Chief

OK, you did what the sneering elite said you couldn’t do. All their polls were wrong, maybe even “rigged”. Take a victory lap or two to rub it in, and then start thinking about what you’ve let yourself in for. The easy part is over now, and it’s time to actually do the job.

You promised many preposterous things along the way, and no one really expects you to deliver on them. For many who voted for you, putting an end to Crooked Hillary was enough. But there are one or two promises which you could actually deliver on without too much trouble,  and a few of the people who voted for you are expecting you to do so right away.

You repeatedly talked about one factory situation in particular- the Carrier air conditioning plant in Indianapolis was moving 1400 jobs to Mexico – and you told people exactly how you would stop that and preserve the jobs. You would put a 35% tariff on any Carrier system made in Mexico. You said the president of Carrier would be calling you up as soon as you took office saying, “Sir, we’ve decided to stay in the United States.” I think you were sincere about this. 1400 voters believed you and are counting on keeping their jobs.

You have to deliver now. It has struck me a couple of times since the “transition” has begun this week that you look like a different guy. You look a little chastened, a little lost, a little tired, a little like it’s dawning on you that you bit off more than you can chew.



I’m guessing those Carrier workers have some tough times ahead. They’ll join all the other people who trusted you over the years and were stiffed. Maybe you’ll feel a little sorry about it, but I’m guessing you won’t . I’m guessing you’ll put a positive spin on it. I’m guessing you’ll turn it to your advantage.

And why not? The band will be playing “Hail to the Chief”.


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