Who let the dogs out?

A postal worker in Cambridge MA apparently got in some sort of altercation with a Hispanic guy while gassing up his vehicle. A witness reported that he yelled at the guy, “Go back to your country. This is Trump land. You ain’t getting your check no more.”

Is Cambridge Trump land? You wouldn’t think so, but maybe it is. It’s got the big universities and their thousands of students dominating street life, and a pretty crunchy-granola kind of city government. And of course it’s a Sanctuary City, which means it will lose any sort of federal funding, that is if you believe anything our President-elect says.

Cambridge has a very diverse population which includes a lot of working class white folks, for whom Trump’s message and style may resonate. One of the things we learned from the election was that, as the Trump campaign insisted, there were in fact a lot of Trump fans who were reluctant to voice support publicly, but who actually liked everything about Trump. These are the people who said, “Trump says what I think”.

Trump said many outrageous things during the campaign,  things that had been previously unacceptable to say. In doing so he, he gave us all permission to say or even yell whatever mean-spirited nastiness that we all previously knew to keep to ourselves. “Political correctness” prevented these expressions, and pro-Trump sentiment is nothing if not a rebellion against political correctness.

Trump has thrown the Overton Window open wide, possibly forever. The dogs were just waiting  to jump through it.




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