Well poisoners and the unfocused group

Everyone knows Trump is a loose cannon. The weird thing is that this is apparently exactly what has endeared him to his fans. They admire him because he “says it like it is” and “unlike politicians, he doesn’t run every comment or position by a focus group”.

I guess that’s right. It’s the opposite of a focus group – call it the unfocused group. First he tries it out on the whole world, just lets it fly. Then, if needed,  he refines it.  If he gets more down-votes than up, he might walk it back, reverse course, deny the whole episode, ignore, double down, or simply move on to the next outrageous blast.

Just yesterday, I wrote,

There is no filter between his brain and his mouth or his Twitter. No thought goes unsaid. No tweet is edited or refined or even delayed while he counts to ten

Well, today his handlers finally took his Twitter away.   Now, any proposed tweet must be vetted by Hope Hicks before the “send” button is hit. Finally. To paraphrase The Beach Boys, it’s been fun fun fun.

As Obama rightly pointed out in response, if he can’t be trusted with Twitter, he can’t be trusted with the nuclear codes. But there’s no reason to believe that this latest proof of the obvious will have any impact. We’re beyond that. Les jeux sont faits.

What’s interesting to me in all this is what exactly Hope Hicks, Kellyanne Conway and the rest of his non-family inner circle are thinking. Why are they there?

The obvious answer is that they’re getting paid well and that, win or lose, they’ll have lucrative positions in the coming Empire of Hate. The only other possibility is they think Trump would make a great president and they’re doing it for love of country, so let’s just stick with the Empire of Hate thing for now.

It reminds me of what the loggers always say when asked about the advisability of clear-cutting the old-growth forests – “we need the job”. And when the forest is all gone? Well, at that point they’ll look for another job. But, really, why wait?

I would ask Kellyanne Conway, is there no job so vile and immoral that you wouldn’t do it for a price? If I doubled your salary and gave you the “job” of poisoning all your neighbors’ wells, would you take it? And do it with that infuriating fake smile?

I think I understand what drives Trump and Steve Bannon, but I’ll never understand the well-poisoners.


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