Who’ll be president next year?

On Tuesday either Trump or Clinton will be elected. But I don’t think that will be the end of it. The same forces that make governing impossible now (at least for a Democrat) will redouble their efforts.

The House Republicans, dominated by their obstructionist wing, are committed to the filibuster as the standard tool for opposing legislation, effectively changing the way we make law. They have successfully prevented a sitting president from even starting the process of filling a vacant Supreme Court seat, as was his right. They gutted the Affordable Care Act and then spent huge amounts of the taxpayers money repeatedly suing to remove the hollow shell that remained.

If Clinton is elected, impeachment proceedings will certainly begin immediately. Hillary Clinton used the wrong email server and that’s that. If that’s not good enough, she also “lied” when she uttered the word “video” while consoling families of the four individuals killed in Benghazi in 2012, or at least that’s what someone alleged. Nuff sed.

But what if Trump gets elected? Hang on just one second – I need to step outside a sec before I go on –


Whew. OK. I feel a little better now.

So a President Trump would be allowed to govern, right? Not so fast. There is so much “Trump is a clown unfit for office” sentiment out there, and not just among Democrats, that an “Impeach Trump” movement might have something for everyone. It wouldn’t be hard to find a valid reason to impeach. I’m guessing they could start with improper business dealings with Russia, but it could be any of a hundred things.

If successful, they’d get the rock-ribbed, anti-abortion, midwestern, conservative, establishment Republican they’ve wanted from day one in Pence. He’d have none of the stink of the primaries on him and would restore some sense of decorum to the office. FoxNews would love it, too. They’d go back to persecuting Clinton or whoever they thought might challenge in 2020.

So who’ll be president in 2018? My magic 8-ball says all signs point to Tim Kaine.



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