Emails to expose Hillary’s crimes

Until recently, I was a little confused by the whole “she’s a liar” and  “she can’t be trusted” thing. If you google her biggest lies, Benghazi seems to be thing most often cited Once you go past that, it all seems like “Hillary said it wasn’t going to rain on April 6, 2013, but it did! Another Clinton LIE!”

She “lied” about the motivation of the Benghazi attacks when she said early on that they seemed to be part of the whole hysteria resulting from that stupid youtube video. It’s hard to remember now, but there were all kinds of riots and whatnot that resulted from that video, and Clinton prematurely asserted that the Benghazi attacks, in which four Americans were killed, were part of the reaction to it. So did Obama, and just about everyone else at the time. They’re all LIARS!

Sometime later, everyone including Clinton realized that it was a pre-planned attack by the usual suspects. I could never figure out why some people are so exorcised about this “lie” – I didn’t see what benefit she would possibly derive from putting it out there. She correctly noted in testimony before Congress that nothing changes in terms of American preparedness or response based on which thing motivated the attack.

I recently found the explanation on some anti-Hillary web site: See, if she says it was al-Qaeda right out of the box, Obama loses the 2012 election. If she says it was that video, he wins and we get four more years of the Muslim-in-Chief.  I guess it was a lucky break for Hillary that the stupid video came along just in time for her to come up with the lie that kept Obama in office.

Or maybe she was really behind the video, too! Yeah, that’s it. I wouldn’t put it past her. After all, she did murder Vince Foster, as everyone knows. Ginning up a fake video is child’s play compared to that.

In my opinion, the new batch of emails to her aide Huma Abedin  will certainly reveal this and many other crimes. Here are my predictions for just a couple of the top crimes and criminal plans FoxNews will report about in the new emails.

1) Hillary has entered into a deal with the Chinese that will line her pockets. Communists will infiltrate our intentionally porous borders, and seek out and stab to death all puppy dogs. Clinton will receive $100 per dead puppy.

2) All firearms held by law-abiding tax-payers will be confiscated once and for all. Once the populace has been disarmed, every former gun owner will be required to undergo gender re-assignment surgery.

3) All Christian Republicans will be required to wear a yellow crucifix sewn to the front of any garment worn outside the house. Celebrations of Christmas will be against the law.

4) The 1993 World Trade Center bombing was actually planned and executed by Hillary. It was a false-flag operation designed to “Wag The Dog” to disguise the now well-known fact that the Clintons sold all White House furnishings, decorations, artwork, and other items belonging to the American people within days of their taking occupancy.

5) The Clintons have built a solid-gold Fortress of Solitude on a private island in the Ionian Sea, using proceeds from improper speaking engagements. It has been mysteriously deleted from Google Earth.

Had enough of the Clinton scandals? Let’s Make America Great Again!



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