Mini-Me gets a scolding

This article covers a recent debate between Mark Kirk, Republican senator from Illinois, and his challenger, Tammy Duckworth, a Democrat who lost both legs piloting a helicopter in Iraq.

Kirk is recovering from a major stroke, and won’t release his health records. In contrast, Hillary Clinton has been falsely accused of various infirmities and has released hers.

But, a foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds. Especially when a Republican senate seat is at stake. So Republicans, in the main, are all in for Mark Kirk.

Kirk seems to be a small-scale Trump in a lot of ways.

Like Trump, Kirk exaggerated his own military record. Remember all that marching Trump did in school – it was more experience than guys who actually served?

Like Trump, he also diminished the real military record of his opponents. Remember Trump asserting McCain is no hero?

Like Trump, he questioned the ancestry of his opponents and detractors. Remember Trump keeping the Birther thing alive for five years? Or raising the issue of Cruz’s eligibility?

Like Trump, he makes absurd accusations about Obama, e.g. calling him “Drug-dealer-in-chief”, then denies he ever made them.

Like Trump, he has been told by his minders to stay on message and away from extemporizing to the media. Remember every day of the Trump campaign?

Like Trump he uses vulgar language and opines on things he should shut up about, e.g saying the unmarried Lindsay Graham is a “Bro with no ho”. Remember every hour of the Trump campaign?

Like Trump, many have pointed out he has no control of the filter between what he thinks and what he says. Remember every minute of the Trump campaign?

But here’s the best part: although it would seem that Kirk would be exactly the kind of incumbent Trump would want to help, he made the unforgivable mistake of un-endorsing Trump after the “Mexican judge” thing. And if there’s one thing that defines Donald Trump above all others, it’s his thin-skinned and petty inability to let go of a grudge.

So, Kellyanne Conway gave Kirk what he had coming, by tweeting (of course), under the title, “Senator Mark Kirk mocks disabled Iraq war vet Tammy Duckworth in debate for her mixed-race heritage.” :

“The same Mark Kirk that unendorsed his party’s presidential nominee and called him out in paid ads? Gotcha. Good luck,”


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