Voting for Bernie

In Massachusetts, it doesn’t much matter if I vote in the presidential election. The state will go to the Democrat.

In 1968, Nixon ran on his “Secret Plan to End the War” (for any Millennials that might stumble on this, that would  be Viet Nam). By the time 1972 rolled around, the war was still going strong, and another 20,000  American boys had been pointlessly killed. But in the 1972 presidential election, Massachusetts didn’t have much company.

Image result for 1972 electoral college map

If you want to feel like your vote matters in MA, the primary is your best shot. This time around, I voted for Bernie. I knew Hillary would make a perfectly fine executive, but I thought she wouldn’t be a very strong candidate.

Running for president and being president require two completely different skill sets, and I knew Hillary had problems with the first. She just wasn’t a natural like Bill was. Not to mention the headwinds she’d face with the 25 years of made-up scandals that FoxNews would be yammering about. She could actually lose the election, despite being the best person for the job.

Voting for Bernie was a rush.  First of all, it would the greatest thing in the world if the U.S. elected a Jewish Socialist as president. It would finally take the idiotic stigma off being either.

But the main thing was Bernie was a guy who believed in the power of government to do good things, to solve problems, to lift us all up. He believed it sincerely and passionately, and deep in his Jewish Socialist bones. Hillary is more a technocrat, and that’s good too. Life would be better with her as president than with any Republican alternative who would believe that government is never the solution, but always the problem. With the modern Republicans, you know what you’re going to get: an anti-tax, anti-regulation, anti-science, environment-fucker that is beholden to Dark Money.

At least, that’s what we thought until the Ass-Clown-in-Chief hijacked the whole process. With Trump, the problem is that he has no beliefs, no principles, and, worst of all, no consistency. He only cares about “likes”, “upvotes”, or whatever the hell it is you get from Twitter. Every thought and “position” is transient. Don’t like what I said just now, how about the opposite?

It turns out Trump understands the job of running for president a lot better than anyone thought. But how well does he understand the job of being president? I know what the people of Massachusetts think, but what about the rest of you? Stay tuned…


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