Visited the U.K. once – not going back.

I have always hated the class system. It is my conviction that the U.K. will never let go of it. It’s not just the worship of and gawking at “The Royals”. It permeates every thing they all say and do, from the school you go to to the accent you speak with. It’s the reason any ambitious Brit comes to America to further his career and no ambitious American goes to Britain.

And the class system, the idea of “breeding”, is also at the heart of the very deep and persistent current of antisemitism that I believe runs through daily life there. I was in London all of thirty minutes before a stranger made an antisemitic remark to me. Even in Munich, that never happened.

Roger Cohen, a Brit, is the NY Times’ most dedicated critic of Israel and most consistent apologist for Iran. He is one of the many who usually insist that strong criticism of the Israeli government is in no way indicative of any antisemitic sentiment. This of course, is nonsense, and in today’s column he finally refers to the “safe place” that Corbyn and Corbynism creates for the antisemites.

“That which the demonological Jew once was, demonological Israel now is.”

When the left turns against the Jews, all is lost.

You might ask, “Why single out the U.K. – you’ve been elsewhere in Europe many times and surely things are even worse in many other countries?” True. But it’s one thing to visit with your historic enemies, knowing exactly what they think of you, and another to visit to your closest cousin and ally who hugs you and smiles in your face, but actually hates you and talks shit about you when you leave.


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